The new Systems for a home where walls become openings and lightness becomes structure

Innovation is at the heart of the history and mission of Caccaro, a company working to define a domestic space in which walls disappear and make way for new aesthetic and functional elements. Caccaro's solutions make it possible to create a true No-Wall House, freeing domestic walls until they disappear in a new concept of fluid living. A harmonious whole, customised to measure, like a tailor-made suit, reflecting the personality and needs of its inhabitants, for relaxation, conviviality and work.

What's new at the Salone del Mobile 2023

The latest novelty proposed by the company is the Architype™ System, which becomes a wall and takes its place, creating a No-Wall House concept with which the brand presents itself at this Salone del Mobile. A new design project, signed by Monica Graffeo, in which lightness becomes structure. Living becomes a fluid dimension, a continuum of glimpses and perspectives in which the subdivision of rooms is given by the perfect integration of Caccaro Systems. Designed by the R&D team in collaboration with Monica Graffeo, the company's art director, Architype™ covers the wall and, integrating with Freedhome® - the System designed for large storage - replaces it to create an environment made up of multifunctional and coherent spaces.

Boiserie for a fluid space

Architype™ consists of Boiserie and Door. The former is designed to cover walls, corners and pillars, but also to join Freedhome® in continuity to make it double-sided. Thus, thanks to the union of the Systems, the containment becomes a wall, dividing and organising the space without the need for masonry. Boiserie can also accommodate the wall-hung elements of the Wallover® System, complements and bed collection. The integration of finishes, dimensions and functionality creates a fluid, uninterrupted space, characterised by aesthetic harmony and soft, atmospheric, integrated lighting.

Creating passages with Porta

Porta gives the System design value. It complements Boiserie and Freedhome® to close the wall line and allow you to create a passage between two rooms, to cross the wall, integrating with the aesthetics of the space. Thus, the capacity of Freedhome® is transformed into an opportunity to organise space: a true storage wall.

Quality and tailoring

Architype™ enters into dialogue with the other Caccaro Systems, Freedhome® and Wallover®, thanks to the integration of finishes, dimensions and functionalities, orchestrated in a project in which the quality and tailoring of artisan carpentry meet the reliability and precision of a 4.0 industry. This System was born as an expression of furniture in an architectural key. To meet Architype™, the Freedhome® system is also evolving and enriched with new opportunities and declinations. Novelties involving corner modules, locking types, finishes and materials. Also on the way are some new additions, such as the new Nicchia module.

The protagonist light

The old wardrobe no longer exists. Freedhome® integrates with Wallover® and Architype™ and itself becomes a multifunctional wall that separates and organises spaces. Each element features hidden functionalities: accessories, dividing elements, niches and a completely new light management to open up new, scenic lighting perspectives. Or the wall disappears completely, offering a new interpretation of furniture that is based on and expresses the architectural value of the space. With Freedhome®, designers and architects have total freedom to customise any home environment with infinite solutions, maximising storage capacity and shaping the most personal aesthetic requirements. Even light, thanks to the specially designed integrated lighting, is the protagonist and transforms the domestic space into pure emotion.

Caccaro Systems are also environmentally friendly. Concern for health and the environment have always been in the company's DNA: all products are finished with water-based paints, for home environments where well-being is a fundamental component.