The new proposals from the company that transforms furniture into architecture

In the made-in-Italy design scene, Caccaro stands out for the design attitude that transforms a product into a fully customisable system. "We are not just a company, but a team of innovators who have chosen to go beyond the traditional concept of design furniture to propose an idea of domestic space in which walls disappear and make way for new aesthetic and functional elements," explain the company founded in 1958 in Villa dal Conte by Salvino Caccaro. A made-in-Italy reality in which the quality and tailoring of artisan carpentry meet the reliability and precision of a 4.0-oriented industry.

An innovative concept

The No-Wall House 2024 concept explores new forms of dialogue between furniture and architecture. Indeed, Caccaro presents the second chapter of a path launched last year, in which the combination of the Architype, Freedhome and Wallover systems takes a further step towards the interpretation of furniture as an integral part of architecture. The design project, by art director Monica Graffeo, highlights the total compatibility of dimensions and finishes of the systems, even more design-oriented, in response to the needs of living.

Salone del Mobile: a renewed stand

This year, the challenge of organising spaces through furnishing solutions without structural walls continues. Special attention is also paid to the atmosphere of the stand, which has been completely renewed thanks to new moodboards and combinations of increasingly material finishes. A vision open to multiple opportunities that evokes a creative approach to design. Thanks to the dialogue between structural requirements and the customisation potential of Caccaro systems, the space becomes a canvas for experimenting, innovating and transforming.

Architype, free expression of furniture

The Architype system is the natural continuation of a reflection on the theme of the wall. The furniture is transformed into a structure and gives life to a continuous, harmonious space, in which the subdivision of rooms is given by the integration of systems. The introduction of Architype, which includes panelling and doors, opens up a new perspective on interior spaces and their organisation. Architype was in fact created as an expression of furnishing in an architectural key, and is linked to three key objectives: to allow free design, which overcomes structural constraints to create made-to-measure spaces; to create a new way of expressing interior design with the system's modules; to work on the archetypes of the home, walls and doors, which determine the organisation of spaces.

Multifunctional and integrated spaces

Designed by the company's Research and Development department in collaboration with art director Monica Graffeo, Architype covers the wall and, by integrating with Freedhome, replaces it to create a fluid space where spaces are multifunctional and integrated. It consists of two elements in continuous dialogue: Boiserie and Door. The former is designed to cover walls, corners and pillars, but also to join Freedhome in continuity, to make it two-sided. Porta gives the system design value, allowing it to create a passage between two rooms and to cross the wall.

Freedhome, an expressive wall

Freedhome is great containment made by Caccaro: freed-home, the home freed from its constraints. The intuition is to transform every wall into a space to contain, without any design constraints. An expressive wall that resolves functional and aesthetic needs: the Freedhome system, with its modules, fully exploits its unexpressed containing potential. The old wardrobe no longer exists. Freedhome integrates with Architype and Wallover and itself becomes a multifunctional wall that separates and organises spaces, overcoming the concept of living and sleeping areas. An entrance hall with a bench and coat rack, a dressing room for storing home office necessities, a technical module concealing the laundry in the corridor. Each element is characterised by hidden functionalities: accessories, dividing elements, niches, and a completely new management of light to open up new and scenic lighting perspectives.

Total freedom of customisation

With Freedhome, designers and architects have total freedom to customise any domestic environment with infinite solutions, maximising storage capacity and shaping the most personal aesthetic requirements. Light too, thanks to the specially designed integrated lighting, is the protagonist and transforms the domestic space: it is efficient when it illuminates the inside of the modules, amplifying the practicality of the large storage space. It is scenic when it sculpts the compositions, masterfully applied to thicknesses and volumes. It is soft when it becomes mood lighting, discreet, sunk into the backs, sides and profiles.

Finishes: more material proposals

As far as finishes are concerned, the lacquered palette has been updated and now comes into system with the other more material-based proposals. Three new variants of Kera - Pietra Grey, Grigio and Antracite -, the new canneté and the relaunch of Natural Wood guarantee maximum customisation and harmony in combinations. Since the early 2000s, concern for the environment and people's health has guided the decision to use odourless and non-toxic water-based finishes.