The brand's new Milanese space creates an emotional journey in which collections and systems are organized to communicate an idea of home

“A showroom is a space for everyone. However, it must not be generalist, but strongly represent the vision of the company. In the case of Caccaro, we express the idea of the Caccaro house: a welcoming, essential house, but full of emotional stimuli and unexpected functional solutions ".

Identity and history of the brand

Art director Monica Graffeo talks about Caccaro's new Milanese flagship store, above all how the design of a strategic space for any company must reflect its identity and history. "It is the essence of the project to be able to bring out the identity of the brand. In our case, alongside history also the vision of the future: for us this new space is also the place to launch and test novelties and new messages. An evolving place like the company is ".

The idea of the Caccaro house

Since the beginning of May, the new Caccaro flagship store in Milan, after the transfer from the headquarters in Via Larga, has been fully operational and represents the most complete example of the perfect integration of all the worlds of the company. The exhibition project, followed by Monica Graffeo, brings together architecture and furniture in a sequence of environments in which the clear division between day and night gives way to a more fluid and multifunctional vision. The flag takes up a concept explored starting from 2019: “The idea of the Caccaro house”. From this point of view, the showroom is not a disjointed set of products, but a path capable of providing ideas and inspirations to help understand the aesthetic and functional potential to be declined in any domestic space.

Natural light

Compared to the previous Flag in via Larga, natural light plays a leading role in the design of via Baracchini. The two large windows at street level and the original skylight on the upper floor change the atmosphere of the rooms over the course of the day and the seasons, drawing the shapes and enhancing the surfaces of the compositions. The green of the numerous plants housed is another characterizing element. Used as a separé between rooms or as islands capable of refracting light and playing with the reflections of the glass, they modify the perception, not just visual, of spaces.

The material library

The material library plays a strategic role, becoming an area of great importance for daily work with individuals and designers. It does not represent a separate environment from the exhibition path, but is an integral part of it, an informal and relaxed corner where you can play with moodboards and customize your composition in all its finishes by touching textures and materials with your hand.

And then the products

As for the products, the space presents the great potential given by the integration between the various worlds of the Caccaro offer: the Freedhome® and Wallover® systems, the bed collection and accessories. In the exhibition itinerary, the visitor can explore from the living room to the dining room, from the sleeping area to service spaces, from single rooms with compact study or work stations to hybrid and multifunctional areas that solve storage problems in a creative and elegant way. The various compositions all speak the same aesthetic language, finishes and materials form a system in a game of references that creates a coherent and harmonious space.

The importance of styling

The careful study of the emotional impact of the space also includes styling, curated by Stefano Gaggero, another theme on which the company has embarked on a path of research and evolution. Gaggero has taken care of a discreet interpretation of the products that elegantly highlights the functions of use without ever falling into redundancy or baroqueism. An approach that, in line with the identity of the company, focuses on the rigor of the composition with original and valuable objects.