Inspired by New York, London, Hong Kong and Shanghai, it represents the subjective experience of each place

The City Collection by KPF was born out of the collaboration with Casalgrande Padana with the ambition of creating a new collection of ceramic tiles to be used in place of stone or cement, in a wide range of applications: floorings, interior wall coverings, façade coverings.

Cutting-edge production technology

KPF, in collaboration with the architectural firm SBGA, took up the idea of designing a collection that would exploit state-of-the-art production techniques to create a modern material expression. The designers sought to achieve the aesthetic qualities and diversity of natural materials, but with the technical characteristics of porcelain stoneware.

Inspired by four metropolises

The collection is inspired by four metropolises (New York, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai) and the intention is to create tile series that represent the subjective experience of each place, with references to the character, materials, urban forms and texture of these cities. Patterns and textures arise from research into the nature of each metropolis, at different levels, and from a process of simplification and abstraction to arrive at products similar to natural materials. From a distance, they look like fine-grained surfaces with subtle variations in texture and colour. Up close, you can distinguish the geometric patterns that create this particular effect.

Patterns and textures

The collection is produced in the 60x120 cm size with a natural finish. Patterns and textures are the result of research that has calibrated the shades and nuances of the surfaces, which can also be matched with other collections in the Casalgrande Padana range, for compositional solutions that arise from a mix of different material effects.