The iconic Raphia Rattan chair, light and eco-friendly, furnishes the interior of one of the world's most environmentally friendly cruise ferries

Gentlemen, set sail: Casamania by Horm, with the Raphia Rattan chair, welcomes passengers on board the Viking Glory: from Turku, Finland, to the Åland Islands in Sweden to discover the deepest North Europe. Viking Glory was built by Viking Line: in 2013, the Finnish shipping company presented Viking Grace, the world's first large passenger ship powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG), and aims to reduce the environmental impact in this sensitive corner of Europe.

Technological and sustainable jewel

Ten years later, Viking Glory represents a further step towards environmental sustainability. In fact, it is one of the most environmentally intelligent ships in the world: environmental care and comfort are the cornerstones around which the project revolves. Not only is Viking Glory gas-powered, it is also the first cruise ferry in the world to use a green system that saves energy when manoeuvring the ship.

The interior design philosophy

The interior design, entrusted to the Swedish architectural firm Koncept Stockholm, was based on the same values of sustainability and respect for the environment. The studio's objective was to recreate environments characterised by timeless design with clean lines, elegance and sumptuousness. Casamania by Horm, with the Raphia Rattan, designed by LucidiPevere, proved to be the ideal choice.

Enhancing the travel experience

"We are proud to have been chosen as architects and bring with us on board this ship all the experience we have gained from exciting and successful projects for hotels, bars, spas and shops throughout the Nordic countries. We want to enhance the experience of travelling through some of the world's most beautiful archipelagos by offering a range of on-board experiences inspired by marine life and the Nordic world," explains Niclas Makowsky, of Concept Stockholm.

Relaxation and entertainment

The ship has areas dedicated to relaxation and entertainment: on deck 9 the large and exclusive shopping world offers a wide range of products, from quality wines to cosmetics, clothing and jewellery. On decks 9, 10, 11 and 12 there are different types of dining areas: bars, bistros and cafés, for relaxing moments and to satisfy the most discerning palates, and the spa and wellness archipelago for relaxing among the swimming pools, saunas, snow caves, gym and yoga room; the lounge area, in the heart of the ship, is furnished with Raphia Rattan chairs by Casamania by Horm.

Lightweight and eco-sustainable

The Raphia Rattan chair by Casamania by Horm - light to the eye and eco-sustainable - integrates gracefully with the ship's interior: the frame in painted metal grooved in olive green, the seat and back in natural rush, and the cushion in an antique pink finish, make the chair cheerful and trendy; rattan is a natural fibre that makes the complement light but at the same time resistant and environmentally sustainable.

Modernity and tradition

Raphia Rattan was born from a research project on the use of materials and how they can be used as furniture. It represents the convergence of modernity and tradition, of technology and craftsmanship: the metal industry and small-scale manufacturers of rattan and wicker. Today, Horm, through the Casamania brand, is among the few companies that preserve the know-how of rattan processing, where manual skill and craftsmanship come together to make each creation unique.