Design, aesthetics and functionality at the service of the environment. Fedon has translated its commitment to safeguarding the environment into a precious gift box

It is not easy to know how to combine elegance, refinement, style and sustainability. Fedon did it with the CASE2Green capsule collection that follows the Fedon 3R policy: Reduce - Reuse - Recycle. The natural cardboard box contains two products that symbolize excellence and corporate know-how: the business card holder and Origami, the space-saving glasses holder patented by Fedon. Each box is unique and personalized for those given as a gift thanks to an aluminum plate with the name of the recipient.

The two must-haves are dressed in sustainable materials: internally they are lined with 100% recycled polyester derived from post-consumer plastic materials, while the external black or orange lining, the company's institutional colors, is made with materials from renewable sources.

Origami owes its name to the Japanese technique from which Fedon drew inspiration for the space-saving glasses holder in line with the principles of eco-design. By flattening, it reduces its size by 70%, a feature that also represents a plus, from the point of view of environmental impact, in the packaging and transport phases.

Clean lines characterize the business card holder, best seller of the stationary collection dedicated to leather goods under the Fedon 1919 brand. A thin coated metal case with a minimal design, ideal for carrying business cards and personal cards.

Both objects are marked CASE2green, the made in Fedon label assigned to products that meet the requirements relating to the materials used, the manufacturing processes and transport.