In London, Reflex Architecture chose the warm light of the Italian brand's creations

What style does London have? The English capital has many faces. Medieval, gothic, baroque, Georgian, Victorian, modernist, brutalist, contemporary... But London is not just a city with its architecture and neighbourhoods, it is much more: it is a mood, a state of mind, a way of life, and it is able to mix its many souls with balance. Of all the architectural styles that make up the urban fabric of the city, the Victorian style is characterised by elaborate decoration, richly carved furniture, mirrors and fireplaces in every room. And then a triumph of woods such as mahogany, rosewood, teak and ebony.

British style

With its unmistakable British style and strong Victorian imprint, this London residence is characterised by the wood panelling that completely covers the walls, the stucco inlay on the ceilings that draws Baroque patterns, and the architectural and decorative elements that become part of what represents British taste.

Transparencies and finishes

Starting from the main stairwell, a custom Chandelier by Catellani&Smith, composed of seven PostKrisi 51 suspension elements in natural fibreglass, enhances the white of the walls and the burnished of the steps and handrail. The same model, in a composition of two elements, returns in the second stairwell. In both compartments, the transparencies of PostiKrisi are combined with the numerous Light Stick V in satin gold finish installed on the walls that illuminate the white wood panelling.

An ode to elegance

The interior of the residence is a hymn to elegance, enriched by contemporary works of art and sculptures, English-style fireplaces with elaborate external frames and ornamental stucco work. PostKrisi lamps, in both floor (PostKrisi F 64) and table versions (PostKrisi T 61), are also found in the spacious living area. The room is dominated by two scenic Gold Moon Chandeliers that emphasise the presence of two living areas, placed on either side of the grand piano in the centre of the room.

Golden light

The two Gold Moon Chandeliers diffuse their golden light, thanks to the gold leaf covering the inside of the discs, which are supported by cables of different heights. In the dining room, three Stchu-Moon 02, arranged next to each other, stand out on the long table surrounded by seats. The polished table top reflects the inside of the lamps - characterised by the deliberately irregular texture and the steel spoons that hold the light source - amplifying the effect of light refraction, which plays with the golden surface.

Enhancing beauty

Even for the lighting of the most private rooms, lamps from the PostKrisi collection were selected. In particular, a PostKrisi 49 pendant lamp, in a hand-painted fibreglass version in the colour white and with a gold-coloured leaf lining, was placed on the ceiling of the dressing room. The golden effect of the lamp not only warms up the space, giving it a cosy and welcoming atmosphere, but also enhances the beauty of the bas-reliefs that decorate the ceiling.

Project by Reflex Architecture - Architects Perna/Tulumello  - Photos by Navara Pacchietta