The eclectic handmade carpet brand celebrates its 10th anniversary with a ‘cinematographic‘ photographic project by Piotr Niepsuj created in 10 Milanese hotels

“We are this: we make carpets! with this happy synthesis Nelcya Chamszadeh, one of the three souls of cc-tapis, returns all the complex simplicity of the brand she founded together with Fabrizio Cantoni and Daniele Lora ten years ago.

2011 is the official founding year of cc-tapis in Italy, in reality things started a few years earlier, when, going back over eighteen years, Nelcya and Fabrizio meet and fall in love; to unite them the common background in the world of hôtellerie, a fundamental training experience that still today characterizes the brand's DNA. Moving to Milan and with the addition of the third soul of the group, Daniele Lora, the current identity of cc-tapis was defined, which is the basis of manufacturing quality, exclusively handmade, intertwined with stylistic experimentation: the project seen as research, challenge but also game.

To celebrate the anniversary cc-tapis wants to share the creative journey made in these 10 years, inviting everyone to discover the fruits of this journey. And it does so by revealing new, increasingly digital methods: the turns out to be a platform rich in content, where you can discover the projects, designers, materials, processes and novelties in the program, such as the first capsule designed specifically for the new e-commerce by the designer Marco De Vincenzo, in addition to the many collaborations, including those with Bethan Gray, Cristian Mohaded, Edoardo Piermattei, Muller Van Severen, Patricia Urquiola, India Mahdavi, Bethan Laura Wood, and with other brands, such as Apparatus and Maison Matisse by Cristina Celestino.

But the protagonist of the celebrations is Milan, the real and symbolic starting point for cc-tapis, and location of the 2021 One Night in Milan photographic campaign, shot by Piotr Niepsuj with the art direction of Apartamento Studios: a heartfelt tribute to the city and in particular to its welcoming places par excellence: hotels, in fact.

Made in 10 hotel interiors from the cheapest to 5-star luxury with 10 symbolic carpets  one for each year of the brand – immortalized as if they were the characters of a film, the shots of the photographic project tell of very Milanese’ welcoming in an ironic but sophisticated  cinematic way  the spaces, common and private, empty during the lockdown, some in the process of cleaning or setting up, revitalized by the fringed shapes and vivid colors of eclectic contemporary carpets, created in collaboration with famous designers. Carpets like installations, carpets that look like works of art.

The idea of the photographic project has an ironic and pop genesis that dates back to ten years ago, as Fabrizio Cantoni explains: “We imagined a campaign inspired by the famous Paris Hilton 1 Night in Paris porn movie that had just come out, after all she too came from the hotel tradition!“The idea”, continues Daniele Loro“was to create a sort of carpet acting in various rooms of city hotels, from the one-star hotels in Via Porpora to large luxury hotels. The project has remained in the drawer for all these years, it seemed nice to create it to celebrate our tenth birthday.

The photographic project reflects all the aesthetic codes of cc-tapis with a criterion that is as simple as it is functional: ten symbolic carpets immortalized in ten different hotel interiors. “We have chosen ten rugs that represent our evolution over the years and we liked making them ‘travel’ to these places” explain Nelcya, Fabrizio e Daniele. “Even if the contingency due to the pandemic is sad, it was fascinating to take advantage of the period of closure of the hotels to see the various spaces in their purity inhabited by our most iconic creations”. The shots that make up the shooting emphasize the carpets as independent subjects, each with its own strong personality, not just objects that occupy the space but characters who live it.

One Night in Milan is a real act of love for Milan, which for the three founders, with their intertwining of stories and biographies, is the Milan of Design, of the Salone del Mobile, of Superstudio, of Brera, of the Bar Basso, of contacts with industrial realities of the highest level and with his own style, synthesis of a mixture of ingredients that escape a single definition but that all those who have come here know instinctively recognize as “Milanese”.

“Milan has taught us a beauty that you must learn to see in detail, an aesthetic dimension perhaps not as brazen as other Italian cities: a more introspective beauty” tell Nelcya, Fabrizio e Daniele.

IfOne Night in Milan is the starting point to celebrate these ten intense years of activity, it is in the spirit of cc-tapis to always be projected forward without nostalgia, in a continuous search to redefine one's form, as Daniele explains: “after ten years we like to talk about our past. It is not a question of doing a retrospective but we are always interested in studying new formulas; hence the decision to carry out more events and presentations around our projects throughout the year such as campaigns, videos, and collaborations, reinterpreting fairs and salons as appointments to show the results of our ongoing research and speak to our customers.

With the DNA that has always been linked to the ancient Tibetan culture of hand knotting, to achieve which no machinery or synthetic materials are used at any stage of the process, cc-tapis reflects, today more than ever, on the constant improvement of its products in terms of sustainability.

With its Manifesto 2021, the brand does not draw up a program, but declares – or rather reaffirms  its love for the art of hand-tufted rugs reinterpreted with a vivid and lively but also responsible creativity.



Cover photo, the Visioni carpet, designed by Patricia Urquiola for cc-tapis in the photo by Piotr Niepsuj for the photographic project One Night in Milan.