From the concept design to the development of prototypes, Centrostiledesign is a unique center of excellence in boatbuilding, overseeing the whole project until its completion. And where technological explorers and futuristic tenders are developed

“We’re the company that wasn’t there, the missing piece combining multiple technical services under a single roof for a complete vision of the project.” That’s how Davide Cipriani describes Centrostiledesign, a yacht design, pleasure boat and industrial design company based in Bologna, where he is CEO and chief designer. “Centrostiledesign is not only a shipyard with a passion for planning and design, but a dynamic work group, comprising professionals each with different skills.

From concept design to development of the prototype, everything is dealt with by a team of professionals supported by the most advanced technological systems,” explains Cipriani. “But above all, the integration with design engineering underpins our philosophy and offers our customers speed, precision and product control”. A synergy embodied in every phase of design, forming a unique pole of excellence, which guarantees complete support for the client. “In-house we make the dies and scale models and produce the manuals that accompany the finished object, ensuring quality monitoring and continuous control over the progress of production. In short, a latest generation design factory that is unmatched, at least in shipbuilding, and where the project is supervised seamlessly from concept to completion.

Like the work done to conceive the Explorer 62: from the craft’s project to its engineering, from the design to the compartmentalization of the interiors, the lightning design, furnishings and décor, everything was created by Centrostiledesign. Explorer 62 is an 18.54-meter motoryacht that offers everyone aboard a total relationship with thesea with a new management of space, new solutions for fitting out the craft and also conveying a different vision of luxury, with greater functionality and improved modularity. A yacht with a marked aesthetic character enhanced by the high, straight bow that maximizes the hull length while providing protection from the waves.

Confirming the firm’s eclecticism, the innovative Futur-E project, an ecological boat that flies over the waves with the help of hydrofoils (special wings that raise the boat off the surface of the water and make for greater speeds). A futuristic boat that combines the technology of the shipbuilding industry, automotive design and aeronautics with an integrated automotive-inspired kinematic system, similar to the suspension of Formula 1 cars.