The organic and smooth shapes of Fluo, a series signed by Niccolò Adolini, evoke a poetic imagery while emphasizing the highest quality of ceramic material

Organic lines and surfaces that seem smoothed by water for Fluo, a new line, including washbasin, toilet bowls and bidets, styled for Ceramica Flaminia by young and talented designer Niccolò Adolini which realized a perfect blend of manufacturing excellence, design research, and experimentation with materials and colours. Fluo is characterized by surfaces that seem smoothed by water, soft, rounded shapes, light and bold lines giving shape to generous volumes ending in sleek, slender pro-files. Available in several choices of glossy and matte finishes, the collection is also proposed in a new Cenere (Ash), colour that brings to mind the fascination of black lava stone typical of volcanic landscapes. This intense, earthy, matte colour hue is the result of the interesting experimentation research into colour always been conducted by the company and its enamel laboratory. Colour is used as a design element on a par with form and function. Current and yet timeless, the Fluo collection goes well in any type of interior space or architecture thank also to the ability of engaging a dialogue with other products from the Flaminia catalogue.

At a glance

What is it?
It is a collection of ceramic sanitary ware, consisting of washbasin, vase and bidet, which speak the same language.
What its design concept?
The inspiration that gave life to the collection is nature, in particular the river bed, a magical place where it’s possible to spend entire days listening to the sound of water that over time continues to subtly smooth the pebbles.
How and where is it manufactured?
It is made through casting, painting and firing processes at 1200 degrees, in the Ceramica Flaminia factory in Civita Castellana, an international excellence in bathroom furnishings.
What makes it special?
The organic shapes take up the projects that have marked the history of bathroom design of the sixties and seventies, reinterpreting them in a contemporary key. The in-depth study of the details made it possible to optimize the production with advantages in terms of eco-sustainability and environmental impact.
In the designer’s own words
The Fluo is an amarcord that incorporates the organic shapes of some models in vogue until the 90s and its fluid lines seem smoothed by water. The particular fusion between the top and the tub allows an organic support even in the version without taps. In addition to the aesthetic value, the shape also favors greater ease of production and a reduction of waste.

Ph. Roberto Costantini