The new Gruppo Romani collection for interior design between classic and contemporary

The magic of color meets the charm of ceramic wallpapers. Chromagic is the collection that comes from the research of the Gruppo Romani, a modern and coordinated porcelain stoneware project that combines decorative subjects with wallpaper effect, tone-on-tone or in contrast, with an elegant palette of ten intense colors to enhance the materiality of the surface. resin effect and create original and creative combinations.

Designed for both residential use and for dressing commercial spaces, Chromagic is ideal for surfaces of pure color, characterized by the appearance of hand-troweled microcement, and allows multiple design solutions to customize environments with creativity and style: from combinations monochromatic with the most daring contrasts of solid colors, to be used also on the floor, up to creative combinations with the decor proposals, made with third firing. The modular modules, in the 60x120 cm format, can also be used for covering the entire wall, to be completed with the suggestive decor bands in the 30x60 cm format that define the style and design of the vertical installation.

Chromagic offers maximum creative freedom also in combination with the numerous material inspirations found in the company's catalog. Wood, marble, concrete or metal effects come together in elegant installation solutions to furnish with a new spirit according to your own style. Martina Romani, Marketing Manager of the brand explains: “We can say that we are ahead of the times with some products, such as wood-effect ceramic slats, for example, offering solutions that professionals first and then private individuals have welcomed and used widely. The last year has forced many to experience domestic spaces more intensely than ever before and, consequently, to rethink them. A functional need, having to accommodate smart working or remote teaching, but also a desire to make one's living space more responsive to personal taste or, simply, more beautiful. Color and decoration are the great protagonists of this 'domestic revolution', combined with the indisputable advantages of ceramic surfaces in terms of hygiene, ease of cleaning, health safety ".

Chromagic combines all these aspects - adds Romani - “and is also aimed at those who are designing the spaces in which to live tomorrow today. The colors are intense, but also classic and will surely remain in the interior designer palettes for a long time. The graphics are spectacular, enveloping, designed to give a personal and distinctive touch. Ours is a company open to the outside, receptive. Dialogue, exchange, confrontation are part of the DNA of the Romani Group. Within our company we have laboratories and professionals focused on research, including stylistic ones, but before defining the project of a new collection, it is essential to discuss with the designers who use our materials, distributors, retailers.

And this of course in Italy, in Europe and in the world. The difficulty in creating ceramic surfaces that will be marketed globally lies precisely in identifying the right trends, to meet even very different tastes and styles. The attention paid to decorative proposals is, in this historical moment, very high. This is witnessed by the success of collections such as Showall, but also of more traditional solutions such as small sizes to be used in numerous laying patterns, including multicolored, with undoubted decorative value ".