The company opens its new showroom at its Sirone headquarters. The space was created to embrace change, facing a path toward a renewed identity for the brand, a true evolution that looks to an international market in continuous development

In nature, there is no such thing as total silence. Much less so in urban agglomerations and, by reflex, in homes, workplaces, clubs. An appropriate acoustic correction intervention aims to limit the general noise of an environment by acting on reverberation, eliminating excesses of sonority that are extraneous to the normal hearing range. The philosophy of acoustic comfort has always been at the center of Citterio's research in the production of high-performance acoustic wall and box systems.

Sustainable logics

From its production site in Sirone, at the foot of Lake Lecco, Citterio puts sustainable production logics into practice with the goal of creating workspaces that are places for sharing, growth, and the exchange of ideas and, at the same time, encapsulate the characteristics of mutability, dynamism, creativity and productivity.

Enhancing brand identity

From the in-depth study of the company, the location and the context, the new interior design project of the showroom at the Sirone headquarters, signed by Studio Klass, art director of the brand, was born and developed. "The link with the territory and natural elements, the technical expertise were the starting point for the design of an environment able to enhance the identity of Citterio. Hence the choice of warm tones and material finishes that bring back to nature and play, by contrast, with the precise and essential lines of the products, enhancing their technical features," explains Marco Maturo, co-founder Studio Klass.

Versatile solutions

The Citterio showroom is located in the heart of the factory, a choice that reinforces the relationship between production and design, a moment of passage represented scenically by the corridor that leads from the production areas to the display areas. Inside the showroom, rooms are organized to offer versatile solutions for different work contexts: meeting areas, executive and operational offices, workstations, lounge areas and phone booths.

Welcoming atmosphere

A transparent and open environment that stimulates the visitor's curiosity in the free-flowing exploratory path, with spaces in continuity between the different areas dedicated to the office. Luminous niches along the perimeter dilate the perception of space and create a soft and welcoming atmosphere. At the apex of this movement of light, in the center of the showroom a circular opening reveals an unexpected light geometry reminiscent of 15th-century architecture.

Continuous learning

The new Citterio showroom is complemented by a large room dedicated to moments of presentation and updating for internal and external teams in a continuous learning path. An area dedicated to the material library allows visitors to learn about the range of finishes and materials that make up the products. Two monoliths in the center of the material library enclose woods, metals, fabrics and other elements for extensive customization, giving depth to the product range.

Photos: Alessandro Saletta - DSL Studio