Textures, finishes, colors of the new Marmi Maxfine collection

There is Rosso Lepanto, the brecciated Turkish marble with a strong aesthetic impact: a red-brown surface with a dense interweaving of white veins. There is Breccia Medicea, which reinterprets an Apuan marble, used in numerous constructions of the Roman era and by Cosimo de 'Medici, with its creamy white background of different intensity and polychrome veins. There is Delicato Cremo, the Italian marble with a light beige color tending to ivory, characterized by longitudinal veins of varying intensity of brown color. There is still, Kuroca, with its refined texture and black surface, deep and intense, on which fluid anthracite gray and beige streaks slide and unexpected ocher reflections create touches of light giving further dynamism to the pattern. And finally, there is Trambiserra Gray, a natural stone with cold shades that skilfully combines gray shades with irregular cerulean waves and reflections of steel.

There are solutions for different environments and solutions, in the new enriched Marmi Maxfine collection by FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, which continues its path of research and innovation in the world of technical porcelain stoneware. In the production of technical ceramics and in the proposal of languages ​​for interior design and contemporary architecture, FMG has reached levels of recognized excellence: a variety of textures, finishes and sizes to embellish residential complexes, hotels, public and commercial spaces.

Nature and its creations have always been the primary source of inspiration for all company production that reproduces in the factory what is most beautiful and precious on our planet. The strong combination of nature / technology is the distinctive element of a large and eclectic catalog that stands out for its high aesthetic quality, camouflage and excellent technical performance. Resistant and durable surfaces that allow you to enjoy beauty and natural sensations in perfect harmony with the environment. In fact, innovation and sustainability have always been a fundamental part of FMG's philosophy whose production makes use of important technological solutions in terms of energy saving and zero emissions.

FMG's technical ceramics represent an ideal combination of innovation and ecology, function and aesthetics, utility and practicality. The large MaxFine formats - 300x150, 150x150, 150x75, 75x75, 75x37.5 cm - homogeneous, compact, unalterable and thin, represent the best choice for durability, safety and hygiene. Extremely flexible, they are suitable for covering floors and walls, for creating ventilated facades and for customizing design accessories, installations and tailor-made architectural elements.