What makes a functional, technical and institutional tool, such as the catalog a precious publication, which returns the – sophisticated – image of the company? Contamination, and the hand of the author. As the new Tubes Design Book does

The shimmering bronze cover as a declaration of intent. And the new Design Book by Tubes does not disregard he waited even while leafing through the first pages, where a photograph of 'author captures, graceful and sensual in its analogical simplicity.

The product - the radiator - there is, but it is part of a narration that makes contamination its stylistic signature.

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A hybrid publication

Institutional instrument, purely technical, the catalog evolves to book of author, to tell the company, history, territory and products, obviously, but in a refined and calibrated way, sewing all the components and fitting them into a reality that not only comes out of ' bathroom environment, but immerses you in everyday life .

Photography, storytelling, styling and shooting, art, fashion and graphics, all come together in a fluid story that expresses not only a 'image on multiple sensory levels but a world, that of the company.

Relationships and contrasts

The new Tubes Design Book catalog stands out for its syntax and rhythm , skillfully orchestrated by ' art direction led by Studio MiLo, duo composed of Arianna Crosetta and Federica Gosio. Based between Milan and London , the talented creatives weave disciplines, styles and influences with wisdom, flair and taste.

In the book, a series of photographic images signed by Beppe Brancato tell the heating element through relationships and contrasts.

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Each graphic element is calibrated

Pure and airy layouts: full-page photos alternating with elegant white spaces to focus on details and colors. Design Book is a publication with sophisticated graphics, conceived for a book of art, which does not lack the practical side: the technical data sheets are there, but the layout of the tables containing numbers and codes is so refined in its essentiality that it communicates, as if it were a vibrant counterpoint , with the entire visual composition.

The color gradient

The graphic leitmotif of the Design Book is the arrangement of the images according to a succession in chromatic gradient, symbol of the diffusion of heat and of the ability of Tubes to transform it into design. The resulting effect is that of a progressive and fluid path between products and environments.

The radiator comes out of the bathroom

The definition of the environments also follows a precise logic: to bring the radiator out of the bathroom and make it the protagonist of a photo album full of inspirations and domestic spaces: bedrooms, lounges, studios, dining rooms, but also corners used for fitness, reserved for personal care and beauty, or mini-spa.

Relationships and contrasts

In some photos, where the creative contamination is with fashion styling, the human figure interacts with the radiator: approaches to fully enjoy the pleasantness of its heating function and at the same time connotes its identity as an object of design.

Red thread of 'entire project, or better, photo album, the contrast - chromatic, spatial or formal - between product and context, to emphasize its refined aesthetic that adapts to different living styles.

The rooms with measured elegance, permeated by dense yet vibrant colors, stand out and cloaked in a vintage patina, embellished with pieces of art and timeless design. 

Material, colorful and minimalist

Three the scenarios returned by this new narrative: material, colorful and minimalist; each represented by a different location chosen by Studio MiLo calare - merge and confuse - the product in a real context. That no, it's not just the bathroom.