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To make a virtue of necessity. The lockdown forced us into digital feast. At the same time, it made us rediscovery the physical dimension of the home, along with values of perception, empathy and emotion in relation to objects. The home that protected us during the health crisis is not just digital, but also and above all analog.

This is why the works of architecture selected for our October issue explore the concept of a warm, material dwelling, connected to nature, capable of immediately projecting us elsewhere. The recovery of this dimension is not translating into a nostalgic ‘return to the past’ but instead into a leap into a new kind of comfort. This is also explained by critics and scholars, and demonstrated by the offerings of furniture companies based on a clear, immediate legibility of the intrinsic qualities of products and trends in progress.

In this anomalous year, we will delve deeper into these issues from 28 September to 10 October, during Interni Designer’s Week 2020, the event orchestrated by Interni in collaboration with the City of Milan (Meeting Point at Istituto Marangoni). For daily details on appointments, presentations, conferences real and virtual debates, as usual the reference point is our Guide, in digital and print versions. At the same time, our new and improved social channels will amplify the contents of each day of the event.