A special shooting, born from a convivial day. Medulum designers, as in a class trip, are the protagonists of the video Lagoon Reflections that returns authentic – lagoon – emotions

The appointment is early in the morning. The Lagoon is that of Venice, but it is not the famous one, historical and touristy, colorful and glossy. It is the authentic Lagoon, that of those who in these lands - and on these waters - was born there and goes through them with a slowness of other times.

The destination is Lio Maggiore for the shooting of the new collection of furnishings and accessories Medulum, but on closer inspection, the destination is boat trip, as if it were a class trip, with a soft atmosphere, accomplice and familiar, exploring flat lands, calm seas and skies as far as the eye can see.

Lagoon Reflections: a day with and among designers

A warm day at the end of September in the lagoon in the company of (but above all between) designers. Lagoon Reflections is the unprecedented communicative event organized by Medulum, a brand born in 2017 from the desire of Diego Zanchettin to put the forty years of experience in the processing of wood of its family carpentry in Meolo, in the Venetian hinterland.

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All together, (accomplices) as in a trip

An event/trip designed to present the new collection of furnishings and accessories, to photograph it, to make an emotional video. All together. Company and designers involved, in a harmony that is consolidated precisely in the lagoon context - cheerful and festive, quiet and poignant - from which it has always drawn Medulum.

A frugal, authentic and natural stage

Between chatter, laughter and moments of reflection and introspection, just like at school, the boat trip across the main islands led the group to their destination: the Lio Maggiore island.

Embraced by the typical lagoon scenery, the island, in its simplicity, is the frugal, authentic and natural stage for discovering new products, enhanced by a special set-up/set for the shooting, and meeting the designers who designed them: Accardi Buccheri, Dear Davide, Serena Confalonieri, De Bona De Meo, Viviana Degrandi, Davide Frattini Frilli, Naessi Studio, Filippo Protasoni, Matteo Vilardo and Marcello Marino.

The new essential and chiseled collection

A term borrowed from an ancient civilization - Meraki - defines the new Medulum collection: a series of wooden furnishings and accessories characterized by high craftsmanship, composite nature and an evocative character. Contemporary projects essential in their sophisticated sobriety: pure and sculptural lines chiseled by workmanship of other times, to return a great scenographic impact.