A Salmistraro in Queen Elena version and Matteo Cibic's unmistakable frowning expression interpret the pop video with inspiration, irony – and superpowers – that presents the (atomic) novelties designed for Scapin Collezioni

Two designers who already bring an inspired and colorful flair to us, as well as a certain scenic predisposition. A certain attitude to tread the stage of everyday life, even if only with the expression, that face - from a speck - unmistakable and inimitable of 'male character' of an unexpected tale, between espionage and magic. All true, but this does not take away the visionary of a brand that invests to create a certain type of creativity, outside the box, the rather rigid, often repetitive ones of design.

Well done, very good, then Scapin Collezioni, the queen Elena Salmistraro and the frown (on the contrary) of Matteo Cibic protagonists of Landed: Casting Magic Spells, the ironic and pop video, with super powers, signed by the art director Studio MiLo in collaboration with the multimedia collective ty-project, presented at the Circolo Filologico Milanese on the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2022.

Video art by ty-project


Interpreting a style on the stage

insolence is the tool with which Scapin deconstructs the rules of design, creating Creole entities endowed with an ironic, iconic and disruptive . To do this, he has always entrusted the concept of his collections to the most daring young Italian designers. Like Elena Salmistraro and Matteo Cibic, in fact, who tried their hand at - with unquestionable success - to interpret their creations as if they were actors sailors engaged in a film of action, industrial espionage and magic.

The performances: from design to stage, even post atomic

For her new New Atomic Age collection, Elena Salmistraro drew on Cold War iconography and period design to create bold and precious shapes with symbols neo-tribal and post atomic, shown in archetypal resin inlays on the marble surfaces or in sculptural monochromatic variants.

Look and frown

For his Nazca Booby collection, Matteo Cibic, who has always drawn on distant and imaginary dreamlike cultures, reinterpreting them in an ironic yet full of references historical and symbolic, he was inspired by the homonymous South American bird , designing diaphanous and metaphysical pieces that are characterized by the shaded lacquered surfaces.

Irreverence to (super) power

Scapin Collezioni is a visionary and nonconformist brand that explores the edges of the designscape with curiosity, creativity and a touch of irreverence. Born in 2017 from the spin-off of the historic art furniture company La Veneta, it represents its radical pop soul. His refined design creations, which also bear the signature of Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba aka Marcantonio and Matteo Zorzenoni, oscillate between artisan tradition and artistic experimentation.

The expressive potential of matter

All the phases of the creative and realization process are concentrated in the Tezze sul Brenta headquarters, in the province of Vicenza: in these productive incubation spaces the most advanced automated technology is at the service of the craftsmanship and inspiration of designers. The watchword is to experiment, stressing and questioning the material to force it to reveal expressive potential not yet imagined.

Magical and phantasmagorical pieces

All Scapin Collezioni pieces are like molecules of a new organism, the product of young energies, lateral thoughts and sapiential experiences. As is evident from the video Landed: Casting Magic Spells, each collection is made up of self-sufficient, indefinable and unclassifiable objects, such as spells. Magical and phantasmagoric, they are the inhabitants of an imaginary fluid, soft, unpredictable, gaudy. Always, absolutely, original.

Studio MiLo's sophisticated and calibrated gaze

Since 221 the art direction of Scapin Collezioni has been entrusted to Studio MiLo. The sophisticated, acute and analytical look of the Milan-London studio proposes a reinterpretation of the world of design through an imaginative yet calibrated creative path.