Takt, the Danish design brand B-Corp, is launching a short and brilliant auteur film to thank the younger generations who adhere to sustainable everyday behavior. Indications for everyday life, suggested by playful but absolutely concrete scenes

It has been shown that young people are more willing to change their daily lives in a sustainable perspective, therefore they deserve a thank you. This is the goddess behind the new short film by Takt, dynamic Danish furniture brand with a green soul

Directed by Bine Bach , the short Thank You, born from a collaboration between the company and students from Copenhagen, is composed of a series of ironic and bizarre, slightly alienating and poetically grotesque scenes, accompanied by a voiceover that thanks those who are doing their best for the environment, too - or better above all -, thanks to simple but impactful daily gestures.

In addition to reflecting Takt's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, the film aims to demonstrate that it is possible to convey messages of sustainability - really effective - with humor and creativity, instead of the usual serious tones, often too harsh and uncompromising.

How to effectively communicate sustainability messages

Missing teeth and flying dogs: these are Wes Anderson atmospheres those with which Takt thanks (and urges) sustainable habits through the new short film Thank you aimed at the new generations. Unusual, delightfully extravagant and playfully surreal, the short and brilliant film directed by Danish emerging talent Bine Bach is entertaining and aesthetically sophisticated, beautiful to look at and to hear.

Continuing to promote sustainability is Takt's New Year's resolution, which believes this is the perfect time to thank all the young people who have done their part. With this initiative it also demonstrates that messages of sustainability can be effectively communicated in a concise way (the film lasts less than 90 seconds) with a pleasant tone, light and ironic.

What sets Takt apart

Among the first companies to obtain the coveted B Corp certification in the design sector, Takt stands out for its transparency. It has in fact developed a production chain that eludes the intermediate stages typical of more conventional furniture brands, allowing to maintain a special balance between costs, craftsmanship contribution and reduction of carbon emission. By selling directly to customers, Takt clearly communicates the ' carbon footprint of each piece it produces and provides details on the affordable prices and repairability of the furnishings.

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The change in behavior is driven by young people

The transition to a sustainable future requires a conscious change in everyone's daily habits. Recognizing that the effective protection of the environment and the change in behavior are guided by the younger generations, Takt's team decided to express their gratitude on the screen, with Live Sustainably, a concept conceived and created by emerging talents.

Takt in fact turned to the students of the Reklamelinjen media school in Copenhagen, asking them to explore new ideas aimed at everyday sustainability to devise a potential communication concept, which was then developed by the film production company Bacon to finally be staged through the vision of the young Danish director Bine Bach.

When it comes to sustainable lifestyles we can look to young people. They are faster to adapt and show the way. Let's learn from them and thank them” explains Jens Jermiin, Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of Takt.

Scenes from a film that induces a conscious change in daily habits

With a slow and cadenced rhythm that reflects Bach's typical deadpan humor, the short manages to convey Takt's thank you in an unexpected way: intertwining are a series of funny and extravagant but clear and immediate skits . To tell the story in less than 90 seconds, a popcorn cruncher 'cocooned' in a warm duvet, a flying cyclist, a dog with wings, as well as an unfortunate dental encounter with a carrot hot dog.

Concrete data and suggestions

As a corollary of Thank you, the web page dedicated invites you to draw on the suggestions highlighted by the different scenes that make up the film, which show everyday behaviors , apparently simple but of great impact, which allow you to live in a more sustainable way. And it does so with data in hand :

  • Lowering the home temperature by one degree reduces heat consumption by 5%; this implies a total saving of about 1.000 kWh / year for a house of 130 square meters. A house heated with natural gas, on the other hand, avoids 220 kg of CO2 per year.
  • Riding the bike reduces CO2 emissions by 90% . Traveling 1 km by bicycle, in addition to being good for your health, involves the emission of a tenth of the amount of CO2 compared to a car powered by fossil fuels.
  • Eating meat every day emits 2,055 kilos of CO2 per year, a vegan emits half of it . Every day without meat saves 95 kg of CO2 per year.
  • Giving new life to old things: upcycling reduces waste and allows you to explore your creative side.
  • Turning everything off for an hour saves on average 0.2 kg of CO2 per person.

Social initiatives

On the account Instagram @ taktcph, Takt invites his followers to join the race for carbon removal thanking those who inspired them to make a difference in their daily life. Until February 28 , invite users to tag a friend who inspired them to live more sustainably in the comments on the post. Takt will reduce CO2 emissions by 1 kg, through Puro, for each tag. #TAKTsaysthankyou