Bodies like canvases, marks on the skin. The Desert Impression photographic project by Decoratori Bassanesi kicks off - in a physical and audacious way - its new artistic direction led by Federica Biasi

Bodies like canvases, marks on the skin. The photographic project Desert Impression by Decoratori Bassanesi kicks off - in a physical and audacious way - its new artistic direction led by Federica Biasi We have known that ceramic had left the bathroom for some time, but that it had impressed itself, leaving sensual traces, on the skin it is an unexpected yet calibrated novelty, risky but refined.

It is with Desert Impression, a fiery, material and sensual photographic project that presents itself Federica Biasi in the new role of art direction of Bassanese Decorators.

And the works signed by Andrea Olivo not only inhabit the pages of a catalog but line the labyrinthine spaces of a stand with Moroccan references, permeating a trade fair for professionals.

A business card that leaves no one indifferent, a business card that is a declaration of intent.

A daring photographic and communicative project

On the occasion of Cersaie 2022, Decoratori Bassanesi, a company known in the ceramic floor and wall tiles sector for its unconventional innovative character, presented Desert Impression, a photographic and communicative project risky, resulting from the transversal creativity of the new artistic director, Federica Biasi.

Bodies like canvases on which product textures can be imprinted

In the images of the South African photographer Andrea Olivo, the bodies of the models become canvases on which the textures of the products can be imprinted to tell, in an intriguing and at the same time concrete way, the three-dimensional motifs that characterize the collections of Decoratori Bassanesi.

The sensuality of the body and the materiality of ceramic

The shots reveal the synthesis and crasis of apparently distant worlds: on the one hand the sensuality of the human body, fashion, the cinephile and photographic references that Andrea Olivo has always drawn from, from more the innovative and sophisticated ceramic wall tiles by Decoratori Bassanesi.

Wearing surfaces in a metaphysical desert

In Olivo's works, the models, enveloped in the warm light of a metaphysical desert, are called to 'wear' the ceramic collections, to return, through signs that decorate / mark the skin , the three-dimensional effect of surfaces.

A disruptive new footprint

The Desert Impression project is significant: it clearly and immediately renders the new imprint that the artistic direction of Federica Biasi wants to give to Bassanesi Decorators and its prestigious catalog signed by talented designers: a new disruptive image that at the same time you enhance the tradition of the brand: the ' attention to raw materials, the ' approach originality and refinement of the surfaces.

Expanding the canons of tradition and perceptive perspectives

Federica Biasi will continue in the direction of expanding the canons of tradition, which has always been the mission of Decoratori Bassanesi, developing a new visual identity capable of enhancing the historical essence of the company and at the same time the material, as well as to the poetry and wisdom of yesteryear inherent in the factivity and at the same time in the slowness of production processes.

A stand like a Moroccan kasba

The theme of the Desert Impression communication campaign also decorated and defined the design of the stand at Cersaie curated by Federica Biasi. An essential and rarefied Moroccan Kasba where it was possible to admire the Tartan collections by Sebastian Herkner, Shades by Keiji Takeuchi, Segments by Guglielmo Poletti and Bonbon by Paola Navone.

An architectural vision

“Designing coverings does not just mean designing a product, but imagining a space through a distinct, minimal and harmonious architectural vision” explains Federica Biasi.

The new collaboration with Norm Architects

A further example of the direction that Biasi intends to give to the company can be seen in the choice to call the renowned Danish studio Norm Architects to create the collection, full of urban references and material suggestions, Copenhagen.

Imperfect beauty

The Wabi-Sabi upholstery collection, designed by Federica Biasi, is emblematic of the new imprint that the designer wants to bring to the company. The name of the collection literally means "imperfect beauty", a concept that characterizes the craftsmanship and processes of the Japanese world that are based on the acceptance of small imperfections.

A narrative material catalog

Likewise, the catalog of Bassanesi Decorators made with meticulous care has a less than perfect narrative rendering. Just like matter. Living matter, sensory, tactile and malleable, shaped by processes that preserve - impressed - textures, traces, experience, secrets. It's magic.