Between irony and contamination, we tell the communication that we like. Like the shots with which Testatonda presents the Trespade collection. Disruptive, hybrid, narrative

We are in 2021, investing in communication means investing in your image. Create unsettling shootings - ironic, contaminated, multifaceted - is the winning strategy to have visibility, in the mare magnum of the web but also in the specialized press which receives many proposals (too many and too similar ) everyday. To capture the attention you have to therefore stand out. For the care.

Create unexpected but at the same time sophisticated and above all narrative shootings, therefore not improvised but the result of precise and studied planning (relying on talented art directors, storytellers and photographers etc. ), means being far-sighted.

Today, those who know communication, to frame a brand, a product, a service or a hotel, first of all look at instagram account. The first: impact says it all. (To those who have eyes to see) makes everything understand. All. Even in terms of content, it is not at all true that social networks do not give space to quality and in-depth analysis, but this is another topic - let's not go off topic - let's continue focusing on visual communication.

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The photos with the models in plastic pose, super painted, so perfect yet dusty, démodé, to seem straight out of a brochure '90, so fake are no longer in fashion, because they do not communicate authenticity.

This is how the creatives (who are very creative in visual communication) of the studio Testatonda tell the story of the new Trespade furniture collection through the shooting, made by photographer Ivan Cazzola in the studios of Comodo 64 in Turin.

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The shooting tells the contamination (fashion)

The shooting of the collection, taken by photographer Ivan Cazzola, tells of a dialogue between the object and its interlocutor who sometimes stands in contrast with it and sometimes in affinity. A dialogue emphasized by the new yet always classic, timeless, double metal jacket by K-Way that dresses the two models, as well as the three designers, who animate the Trespade collection in an unexpected play of ironic references and metallic reflections.

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The repetitions, the intertwining, the discoball reflections for a 'shiny' pop living room

Trespade arises from the repetition of dimensions, from the intertwining of materials, colors and reflections: Testatonda's way of interpreting matter. The Turin collective is not new to concepts based on the repetition of complementary modules aimed at creating ingenious but apparently simple collections (look here).

“Trespade is our formalin composition of the 'shiny' living room” explain the designers. “It is a discoball hanging on the ceiling of a ballroom that kisses everyone's gaze, it is the classic shape that is dressed in pop reflections, it is the synthesis between the flat blade of the sword and the round of its handle”.

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A single weft and multiples of 3, in hand-polished steel

Composed of a lounge chair, a pouf, a bench and a coffee table, the collection is entirely made of hand-polished steel. The seat and back, made up of a single weft of bended and hand-woven steel, repeat the multiples of the number three, in volumes and dimensions, playing on a surface that is never smooth and correct, which alternates the concepts of encounter and absence.

Contrast vs affinity: a dialogue between object and interlocutor, the transformation of matter becomes sensory pleasure

Trespade is a collection dedicated to the different souls that it welcomes and which recognize each other in that encounter. The bench, with its large seat, gives space to the stories of others. The lounge chair becomes a treasure chest for the thoughts of the individual and a pulpit of emotions. The pouf, resting its four feet on the ground, hosts quick pauses; while the table becomes a refuge for waiting emotions.

Trespade in Rome by Contemporary Cluster

On the sixth floor of the Brancaccio noble palace, the new home of Contemporary Cluster, seven rooms of the Apartamento extended over 500 square meters interpret a kaleidoscopic path, multi-faceted and multi-chromatic inhabited by design objects alternating with timeless pieces selected by the architect Giorgia Cerulli.

In this context, specifically in a light blue room, the Trespade collection by Testatonda, until April 2022, has found its own space as a representative of a contemporary design capable of coexisting harmoniously with works, vintage objects and settings characterized by styles from different eras.

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