The Capsule Collection Pocheparole, designed by Andrea Cerquiglini: hidden meanings, unexpressed sensations reflected by an artistic gesture suspended between graphic signs and writing

"I was not born digital, I have always drawn and written by hand". This is how Andrea Cerquiglini describes the inspiration that led him to design the Pocheparole Capsule Collection for WallPepper®/Group. "A few years ago, during a period of frequent moves and with the need to adapt to drawing in temporary and often confined environments, I found myself by chance using coloured pens and pencils on a decidedly confined space: A4 ruled notebooks."

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A leap in scale

"It was not too long ago," he continues, "again by chance (or maybe not): meeting WallPepper®/Group for work reasons gave me the opportunity to show my designs and to share thoughts and reflections on the expressive potential of a medium that, in principle, has no limits or boundaries: beautiful! Yes, the wallpaper was a definitely not insignificant leap in scale, I would call it exciting. My drawings were no longer 'contained' in a space, but could themselves become a 'container', a real environment, an architecture (almost)."

A surprising visual form

In the Pocheparole Capsule Collection by WallPepper®/Group, the role of writing breaks down to become a graphic element, transforming the expressive value of words into a visual form. The graphemes follow one another and evolve into images, taking the observer on an unexpected journey through parallel worlds: from the conceptual decoding of the signifier to the emotional perception of meaning.

Visual poetry

Like a visual poem, Pocheparole by WallPepper®/Group combines writing and visual elements to create works that captivate the viewer. Andrea Cerquiglini transforms his Pocheparole into an emotional and aesthetic full-wall experience.

Unpublished suggestions

Pocheparole enriches the WallPepper®/Group catalogue with six new suggestions: ‘Alberi e parole’, ‘Boscostrano’, ‘Foglie che si credono alberi’, ‘Alberi senza parole’, ‘Scrivo perché non ho niente da dire’, ‘Navale’, graphics with a dreamlike stroke and soft colours that leave the thought free to venture into reflections, visions, illusions.

Quality, reliability, design

Pocheparole, like all Capsule Collections, combines the expressive power of design with the characteristics that have always made WallPepper®/Group products unique: quality and reliability of the materials (natural, eco-friendly, certified and high-performance), the possibility of choosing between solutions according to design requirements, customised production to adapt the image to any wall or ceiling.