In the Asia collection, designed by Federico Peri, form and technology are rooted in the Orient

'Function, what a beautiful form,' taught Achille Castiglioni. Beauty as function is a concept that revolutionised design. Objects conceived, designed and manufactured with rigour and simplicity. Objects that, through their lightness, tell of the time in which they were conceived, speak of man's gestures, of his habits. A project, any project, is not only the result of measurements, lines and calculations, but also of emotions, sensations, passions. Even when moving in a sector, that of lighting, where calculations and measurements are extremely important for product quality and safety.

Fabric, glass and metal

The Asia collection, designed by Federico Peri for Contardi Lighting, fits into this groove. Inspired by the typical pointed hats of Chinese rice-pickers, Asia is an indoor product line characterised by essential lines, enhanced by the material combination of fabric, glass and metal that define its identity and character. The collection is a family of elegant and decorative objects composed of table, ceiling, wall and ceiling lamps, able to fit with personality into any context.

Plays of light and shadow

In the table version, the lighting body is placed inside a transparent glass cone that helps to diffuse the light, creating plays of shadow that make any room warm and evocative. The structure of the lamp can be in satin-gilt nickel for a refined style or in brushed bronze-nickel for a version with a stronger aesthetic presence. The lampshade can be in white or anthracite grey cotton.

Modulating light

With its Asia lamps, Contardi Lighting, thanks to its tailor-made approach, the quality and variety of the materials used, and the use of the most innovative technologies, expands its range of products designed for an increasingly consumer clientele, offering a decorative, elegant and functional piece of furniture, thanks to a calibrated modulation of light.