Designed by Monica Alegiani and Vanessa Massacci, the Run and Seven Lines fan coils mix cutting-edge technological solutions with a minimalist, contemporary design

Minimal aesthetic solutions, combined with cutting-edge technological performance, are the distinctive features of Run and Seven Lines, the new hot/cold fan coils designed for Cordivari Design by Monica Alegiani and Vanessa Massacci. These are a range of very thin, silent, high-performance fan coils which, designed to work with heat pump systems, allow you to fully enjoy the comfort of domestic air conditioning all year round.

To each his own design

Specifically, the design of the Run model - winner of the Archiproducts Design Award 2023 - is distinguished by the sequence of vertical lines that define its front panel, generating a symmetrical and refined play of light and shadow with a visual rhythm that lends personality to any furnishing solution. Seven Lines, on the other hand, is visually identified by the studied alternation between the grooves and smooth surfaces of its front panel, producing a fully contemporary geometric pattern.

Customisable performance

Both models are equipped with heating, air-conditioning and dehumidification modes, feature a recycled aluminium body, ABS top and control island, and can be customised by drawing on the more than 80 colours of the Cordivari Design Colour System colour chart, which allows you to choose from glossy, matt and textured shades.

Management and connectivity

The ignition, temperature and ventilation speed functions are easily managed remotely directly from a smartphone via a dedicated app that allows you to control each connected device. Run and Seven Lines can be managed either in stand-alone mode, through the supplied control thermostat, or in IoT mode through the Smart Life app. The latter is the most advanced configuration for home use, and allows all functions and programming of each terminal to be controlled remotely.