The Romani Group brand presents a contemporary reinterpretation of traditional Italian cotto. Classic colors and contemporary interpretations on a wide range of formats and sizes

Cir Ceramiche's new collection is a journey into the past, into the brand's roots and its territory. Cotto del Campiano is meticulous research on traditional terracotta floors, in all its color shades and in its most decorative and complex interpretations. The contemporary reinterpretation is in porcelain stoneware, a decidedly more durable, simple and economical material. Giallo Umbria, Rosso Siena, Terra di Pienza and the multicolored Cotto Dorato summarize the striking shades of color that the handcrafted material takes on depending on the origin of the clays used in its production.

An ancient history

Cotto has an ancient history, inextricably linking it to an unquestionably Italian aesthetic. Floors, including ornamental ones, have been found in Etruscan and Roman dwellings. And since the Renaissance, cotto has been the material of choice for country villas. As is often the case, there are then numerous reinterpretations, including in the history of design, that have ensured that cotto remains in everyone's imagination as synonymous with home and warmth.

A philological work

Cir Ceramiche therefore reproposes it in the catalog to revive bold, textural colors and shades that move away from the neutral, industrial trend of recent years. The work done for Cotto del Campiano is almost philological: the most typical colors of the Tuscan territories have been recovered, whose earth changes color depending on the area. The pluses of porcelain stoneware, however, make it a rational choice, easy to maintain and intuitive and quick to lay. The wide and versatile size range starts from the small 10x20 cm and extends up to 40x60.8 cm, also allowing multi-size laying, including the Modular 39 solution that Cir fits into the collection as a premixed mix.

Architecture and interior design

Alongside the classic colors, two more sophisticated colors and formats are added. Bianco Antico, a glossy version, and Decoro Campiano Mix, reproposed in 20X20 tiles and in the characteristic hexagonal 15.8X18.3 cm format. These are proposals suitable for minimal interpretations, yet recalling historical examples of more "noble" poses in architecture intended during the 18th century for noble houses. Cotto del Campiano is a collection designed to meet the diverse demands of interior design, celebrating the beauty of a historic material, which has truly ancient roots and tells better than others the meaning of the word "home" in Mediterranean culture.