It is no longer possible to wait to design a different future. Building material choices are decisive in their impact on the environment: that is why the Group has developed highly green solutions

Official data show that, globally, the housing and construction sectors are responsible for approximately 36% of all energy consumption and 37% of all energy-related CO2 emissions. In this context, the construction sector's ethical obligation is to make its contribution to accelerating decarbonisation by devising low-carbon alternatives to achieve the goal of zero emissions by 2050. It is evident how the choice of materials for living, professional and public spaces has a decisive value in improving the impact on the environment.

Selecting and choosing sustainable materials

Principals and planners today are being asked to be increasingly rigorous in their selection of materials and building techniques in order to achieve the goal proposed by the Paris Agreement: limiting global warming to 1.5 °C. It is now clear that a future marked by greater wellbeing (for people and the environment) cannot ignore the choice of sustainable building materials. And so Cotto d’Este and Lea Ceramiche, with Panariagroup, have developed a revolutionary technology: the large, ultra-thin Kerlite and Slimtech slabs, the latest generation of a technologically advanced industrial process capable of transforming natural elements into a product so resistant that it is more durable than any other alternative for covering surfaces.

A 100% Carbon Neutral project

Starting in 2004, the Group was the first in the ceramics sector to invest in the development of ultra-thin slabs that would concretely hint at a more sustainable future, because they are able to significantly thin without losing anything in terms of technical performance. An attempt, that of reducing the impact on the environment as much as possible, which concerns every phase in the realisation of the sheets, starting from the 'ingredients' to produce them (only water, earth and fire) to the reduced need for water and energy and the reduced pollution generated in transport. So much so that, from September 2022 with the THINk ZERO project, Kerlite and Slimtech are the first slabs in the ceramic sector made in Italy to be 100% Carbon Neutral.

Calculating the real impact on the environment

And if it was not immediately possible to eliminate every impact at the production level, the Group took responsibility for its own emissions. So, after reducing them as much as possible, Panariagroup has decided to calculate all residual emissions from the entire life cycle of the slabs, and to offset them through certified carbon credits related to projects with a real impact on the environment, so as to contribute to making the world a better and more liveable place. But the Group's commitment does not stop there. The choice of a sustainable floor or wall covering, in fact, goes beyond surfaces: with Kerlite and Slimtech slabs it is also possible to opt for an equally sustainable installation.

Born to be sustainable

Thanks to the certified and patented Kerlite Easy and Slimtech Easy dry-laying system, it is possible to renovate spaces by embracing a green perspective, laying the ultra-thin slabs without glue even over existing materials. The same elements can then be removed and re-installed in other rooms, saving the costs of demolition and supporting the obvious logic of circular economy. At the end of their cycle, moreover, the slabs can be entirely recycled as substrates for building and road works, or easily disposed of.