Arfinio® is the new material for strong, repairable, lightweight, sustainable surfaces

Covestro, a polymer manufacturer, and Arcesso Dynamics, a producer of customised polyurethane components, launch Arfinio®, an innovative solution based on injection and reaction moulding (RIM) on polyurethane. Arfinio® is a material made by injection moulding high-performance liquid polymers and unique minerals to design and manufacture seamless objects and shapes. The technology brings together the advantages of aliphatic chemistry, injection moulding and solid surfaces: mechanical strength, durability, light stability, easy repairability, low weight, high technical-performance characteristics, and broad design freedom. Moreover, being a mono-material, it can be shredded and recycled.

New application possibilities

A range of properties is opening up new application possibilities. These include the Estoli shower tray, which is 50 per cent lighter than those made from traditional solid surfaces and has a higher anti-slip coefficient; the seating system by designer Thomas Schnur: injection moulding allows the faster production of complex structures without any joints. In addition, the thermal coefficient of Arfinio® makes it a material that is warm to the touch, and textures and colours can be customised; the Alt_Bat washbasin: here, antibacterial additives can be added to the basic formulation of Arfinio®, which improves hygiene.

Benefits for the market

Joan Miquel García Martinez, Senior Project Manager at Covestro explains: "We are proud to have joined forces with Arcesso Dynamics to bring the benefits of aliphatic polymers produced via RIM to the market. Arfinio® will open up new possibilities for manufacturers and designers, and we look forward to exploring how it can be used in many more applications."

Meeting the challenges of the future

Ernest Montón, CEO of Arcesso Dynamics adds: "It was great to work with Covestro to bring this innovative product to life. The partnership has enabled operators from different industries to solve many challenges. Together we will continue to develop new Arfinio® products designed to meet the needs of our customers and end users".