Contemporary Spanish craftsmen shine the spotlight on their skills, in a balanced mix between traditional excellence and innovation

España artesana is the new initiative – specifically, a platform for connecting professionals – born to defend the wealth of manual work, preserving its future and promoting its commercial proliferation. Among the objectives of the project, there is the transmission of traditional know-how to the new generations, as well as their training and consequent promotion.

Conceived by the Spanish Association of Contemporary Arts and Crafts in collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport and supported by the Michelangelo Foundation, specializing in the promotion of contemporary craftsmanship, España artesana currently has over 250 studios, workshops and active artisans.

How does España Artesana support artisans?

Concretely, the España Artesana platform makes it possible to establish an interactive exchange between professionals in the sector, presenting them with the most advanced commercial opportunities also on the digital front both nationally and internationally, combining traditional Spanish craftsmanship and art with the most avant-garde design in a single digital place.

Looking instead at the type of relationship that is established with the user of the platform, España Artesana can be defined as the space that brings together artisans, users, collectors and both Spanish and international specialists.

The selection

Design, territoriality, creativity, innovation, sustainability and tradition: these are the evaluation metrics considered to select which of the professionals and master craftsmen can access España Artesana.

To join, are artists of different levels of preparation and affirmation: among the best known, for example, there is the ceramist Paula Ojea, winner of the National Prize of the Artisans of Spain 2019.

Slow shopping

España Artesana fits into that vein oriented to the dissemination (not only theoretical) of slow shopping: you buy with the awareness that handcrafted products tend to drive a consumerism more responsible, conscientious and long-term.

A purchasing behavior that is reflected in beneficial consequences for the planet, the contamination between cultures and the promotion of diversity.

The catalogue

The selection of the craftsmen - identified by a group of well-known experts in the area - then translates into an accurate virtual catalog which collects meticulous quality works from different areas of Spain.