Transparent, technological and artisanal at the same time. The new shades inspired by the landscapes of Tuscany

Research, technology, human factor. That of Cristalmood, the invention with which antoniolupi gives shape to some of the brand's most famous creations, is the story of a material that lives at the intersection of different worlds, craftsmanship and industry. Because if this material of which washbasins, tubs and accessories are made is the result of a technological investigation, the processing that makes each product unique is artisanal: the resin, in its liquid state, is manually poured into the molds. Once extracted, the objects are finished by sanding and polishing.

A long and complex process that eliminates all imperfections and gives shine to the products. Thanks to this artisanal process, each Cristalmood washbasin, bathtub or accessory is unique and unrepeatable. Each characterized by slight differences in color, size and thickness or by small air bubbles that give character and authenticity.

Today, antoniolupi enriches the Cristalmood range with four new colors, inspired by the Tuscan landscapes and developed by Andrea Lupi and Gumdesign to enrich the Cristalmood_021 sample collection. These are Mostato, Barrique, Vespero and Notturno. Mostato is a dense red, not yet fermented like the must, reminiscent of ripe pomegranates and scarlet flowers. It contains the shades of autumn leaves: the red of maple, the bronze of oak and ash, the purple of beech trees. As aged in cask, Barrique preserves the notes of fruity woods, vanilla and spices. It recalls the shades of the forest and autumn. It evokes the crackle in the fireplace and the tales around the fire.

Vespero captures the moment that precedes the hiding of the sun under the horizon. An instant that radiates us with the intensity of the color range of orange: from bright orange to brick and brown orange. Notturno contains the depth of blue and the invisible of darkness. It is the color of the night and its immensity. A mysterious shade that leads us into dreamlike digressions.

The new Cristalmood colors are added to the thirteen colors already in the catalog (Amber, Petroleum, Ginger, Ocher, Nebbia, Bottle, Cobalt, Lime, Sangria, Fumé, Ceruleo, Oleo and Gran Cru). Transparent like crystal and resistant like stone, Cristalmood is made of high quality polyester resin and coloring pigments. The result is a versatile, anti-corrosive and scratch-proof material, as well as non-toxic, restorable and recyclable. Thanks to its composition, it allows you to create objects that are about 30 percent lighter than those made with other solid surfaces.

Its transparency gives water back the leading role of the bathroom and its versatility allows unprecedented combinations with marble, wood or cork. The Ago, Albume, Opale, Senso, Vitreo, Borghi, Astro, Aura washbasins, the Reflex bathtub and the Asa, Nisi, Masa flower vases are made of Cristalmood.