Cristina Rubinetterie inaugurates 2021 with Foil, the tap designed by Marco Pisati, in name of dynamic shapes

Designed byMarco Pisati for Cristina Rubinetterie, Foil is a single-lever series that offers a reinterpretation of the classic cylindrical tap, updated with a careful study of the different curvature dynamics between body and spout, and with a complete range of finishes: from chrome to matt black, from pink gold – both brushed and polished, both pvd – to yellow gold, from black chrome both polished and brushed to metallic. The aerator guarantees the 5l/m of water consumption, while the coupling of the control lever in the body of the faucet facilitates its inspection and maintenance.

At a glance

What is it?
A single-lever washbasin mixer, distinguished by soft, curvilinear shapes.
What its design concept?
Foil is inspired by the memory of the malleable nautical appendages that allow the new generation of sailboats to navigate raised on the water. Its soft, elegant shapes are then inspired by the Streamline style of the 1930s and by the chassis of the cars of the ’50s and ’60s where aerodynamic studies generated cars with sinuous and elegant lines.
How and where is it manufactured?
It is produced in Italy, in the company’s factories, making semi-finished products from bar stock with the lathe and going from the castings of the mixer bodies to the hot moulding of the control lever.
What makes it special?
It is the fact that there is no single radius of curvature as in traditional faucets: both the body and the spout are made with two different curvatures. This confluence of curved lines generates a dynamic thrust that is finalized in the termination of the spout in an almost semi-elliptical radius and is even more evident in the lever that extends diagonally slender forward towards the user.
In the designer’s own words
Foil is a fluid foil stretched out into the air, inspired by the aerodynamic and refined lines of the 1930s Streamline.