The porcelain stoneware collection finished with a high-gloss glaze echoes the aesthetics of traditional Portuguese hand-enamelled bricks

Technological innovation that meets and is crossed by industrial craftsmanship offers companies the opportunity to emerge victorious in the challenge for competitiveness and the possibility of product differentiation. Improvement and refinement of technique are reborn in the ancient gestures of craft techniques, drawing strength from their memory. Marazzi's research into industrial craftsmanship has also rediscovered the beauty of authentic, coloured, decorated ceramics in collections with a handmade flavour, the result of the encounter between artisan knowledge and industrial technology.

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A return to the sign of man

Crogiolo represents an identifying sign of the quality and high aesthetic research of Marazzi and, at the same time, a return to the senses and to the sign of man, to that care and attention typical of craftsmanship, capable of making spaces vibrate and giving a sense of enveloping welcome, above styles and time.

A name full of meaning

The name 'Crogiolo' is significant for the history of Marazzi: it identifies the industrial building where the company was born, in the 1930s, between the railway and the canal in Modena, and the place where, in the 1980s, the research and experimentation laboratory 'Il Crogiolo' was created, where architects, designers, artists and photographers were called upon to freely interpret the ceramic product.

The new collections

The "Il Crogiolo" notebooks document the history of the company and over 100 projects including new applications and decorative techniques, with illustrations, original sketches, photographs and comments by designers and ceramists that still today represent a source of inspiration for Marazzi research. This spirit is the starting point for the new Crogiolo collections, a combination of passion for handmade and authentic ceramics and continuous research and innovation.

Luz, the small format

The small-format Luz collection, in porcelain stoneware finished with a super glossy glaze, recaptures the aesthetics of the hand-enamelled bricks of the Portuguese tradition. Like all Crogiolo by Marazzi proposals, the handcrafted look of the original brick is recreated through industrial production.

A slight irregularity and many colours

The Luz collection by Marazzi is characterised by its semi-sagged edges, a recent innovation that gives a slight irregularity to the surface of the piece, while in the lower part the edges remain straight, for a hand-crafted but nevertheless perfect laying. Luz is suitable for indoor wall tiling, in sizes: 5.3x30 and colours: White, Yellow, Pink, Lobster, Caramel, Powder Blue, Olive, Ottanium, Cobalt, Black.