The D-Neo Collection by Bertrand Lejoly designed for an audience looking for design and comfort at an affordable price

Few things, in design, can turn into a trap like the search for universality. Defining an aesthetic code that can please as wide a public as possible often means pursuing an apocryphal taste, devoid of originality and character. Trying to please everyone can mean not liking anyone. For this reason, it is a nice surprise that a brand with a long history like Duravit comes out with a bathroom collection, D-Neo, designed for a specific audience with equally unique needs. And it is even more interesting that the audience to whom the collection is aimed is that of young people, in their thirties or so who find themselves furnishing their first home, with the aim of combining design, comfort and aesthetics at an affordable price.

Also for this reason, a designer born in 1980 as Bertrand Lejoly was called by the German company to design D-Neo, who spent time in Milan in the studio of Matteo Thun and former head of the design department of Vincent Van Duysen, appreciated for his attentive sensitivity to human behavior and social evolutions.

“D-Neo is flexible. It has a genuine, simple, modern aesthetic with subtle and refined details. An attractive, flexible, customizable aesthetic through the choice of a wide range of materials and finishes, which allows you to create different styles and environments, again with maximum flexibility. All with durable quality and at the right price, ”explains Lejoly.

But what is D-Neo in practice? A complete series for the bathroom that starts from the washbasins and reaches the taps and basins, played on the thin perimeter edge of the washbasins themselves. “My favorite piece of the collection is the washbasin,” says Lejoly, “the central element in the bathroom and the starting point of the creative process. The thin perimeter border is like a frame that constitutes the starting point for the entire series, both from a functional and aesthetic point of view. However, each object has its own expression ”.

The asymmetrical solutions with matching vanity units capture the attention with a practical side shelf. The basins are available in oval or round versions to underline the multiplicity of D-Neo shapes. All jars are equipped with Duravit Rimless® technology, optionally also available with HygieneGlaze antibacterial enamel and achieve perfect rinsing results with 4.5 liters of water. The D-Neo series also includes matching bidets. Then there is the freestanding bathtub in DuraSolid®, velvety both to the eye and to the touch, with a shape that emulates that of the basin (with a length of only 1600 mm, it creates the perfect scenario even in small bathrooms) and there are the built-in bathtubs, also available in the whirlpool version. Three new wood-effect bilaminates complete the selection of thirteen finishes available for D-Neo. In combination with the ergonomic handle in Diamond Black, which follows the curve of the consoles and washbasins, a harmonious overall picture is obtained. D-Neo obviously includes mirrors and taps with a linear and geometric cut and with the FreshStart function designed to save water.

"In the bathroom it's about expressing your personality and creating a welcoming atmosphere in which to feel good" continues Lejoly. "On the one hand, I want to relax in peace after a tiring day at work, on the other hand, it is important for me to start the day fresh and rested early in the morning. Therefore, these two moods must be cleverly combined in the bathroom. This was exactly my goal for D-Neo. Which is like a partner you live with and who leaves you ample room to develop your personality. The various pieces in the series constitute, so to speak, the basis from which to adapt the bathroom furniture to your individual wishes and ideas ".