The installation at 11 Via Palermo tells a long history of excellence in design declined in the contemporary thanks to research and technology

The story of light, investigated in all possible directions, from residential to hospitality, is at the centre of the Milan Design Week by iGuzzini, which in via Palermo 11 (Spazio Blindarte), in the heart of Brera, presents itself with an evocative installation that stages a long chapter of history and excellence that begins with the great masters of Italian design and arrives up to today, declined by the new protagonists of international architecture. The Italian company brings together, in the same location, authoritative signatures and architectural proposals, united by the common thread of lighting performance for all living atmospheres.

Culture and experimentation

The Living Vibes collection by iGuzzini, dedicated to new ways of interpreting the domestic environment, the work space and hospitality, is the result of a design reflection on the product for domestic spaces and on the company's identity roots, linked to lighting performance and a strong technological component. In the last thirty years iGuzzini has focused on light for architecture: great designers such as Renzo Piano, Gae Aulenti, Michele De Lucchi, Alfonso Femia, Jean Michel Wilmotte and Ron Arad have developed a high-tech design concept at the service of designers, where luminous performance and miniaturization of luminaires and optics are fundamental requirements. To meet these challenges, the company designs and manufactures in-house optics that build amazing architectures of light and have made iGuzzini a company capable of creating unique and intelligent lighting solutions that revolutionise the very idea of light step by step. Living Vibes draws on this heritage of culture and engineering experimentation to bring it into contemporary living spaces as added value quality. New finishes, dimensions, accessories and application possibilities make Living Vibes solutions suitable for environments where living is a matter of proximity, well-being, warmth, originality, material and visual richness.

Multimedia synesthesia

In the spaces of via Palermo 11, the installation designed by Stefano Boeri Interiors with lighting design by Artec Studio, interprets iGuzzini's strategic drivers - design, the culture of light, sustainability and connectivity - and focuses on the new lighting systems that furnish and integrate technology, performance and sustainability, to give back an experiential space that tells of the expressive and artistic power of light. Metal meshes, made of recycled and recyclable materials, and wood cover the internal surfaces of the space, to adapt to its shapes and give new meanings to their perception. Light, the protagonist, guides and gives suggestions to the spectator through a multimedia synaesthesia of shadows, sounds and colours, carefully designed by Artec Studio around the criteria of energy saving and environmental responsibility, thanks to the potential of connectivity integrated in iGuzzini's systems.

Lighting vocation for the living worlds

The installation first of all features the new 2023 products: Libera by Artec Studio, BeTwo by Alfonso Femia/AF Design, Whisper and Allure that bring professional lighting design into the living and hospitality spaces, with the aim of translating visual comfort and innovative optics into every living scenario, public or private, and facilitating smart management, also with a view to optimising energy consumption. Libera is a modular lighting system that represents a real typological evolution in the field of linear lighting. The design integrates the three compositional elements - light rod, brass joint and base - into an organic whole. Libera surpasses the concept of linear light thanks to a compositional freedom that allows the construction of hybrid graphics, which from time to time can give rise to complex systems or be an isolated luminous sign. What makes the Libera system unique is Optidiamond, a professional optic with very high performance in terms of visual comfort and luminous efficiency, in a truly miniaturised dimension. Libera, which is also available with opal optics to diffuse a softer overall light, also integrates intelligent sensors and can be easily managed with a Bluetooth device, such as a smartphone, to regulate consumption and energy efficiency.

Historical re-editions

Italian Echoes is the other soul of iGuzzini: a programme of historical re-editions that draws on the brand's vast archive to celebrate Italian design of the last sixty years. The projects to return to production are Zurigo by Luigi Massoni, Polsino by Giò Ponti, Nitia by Rodolfo Bonetto, Clan and Sorella by Harvey, historical pieces designed between 1966 and 1972, updated with more sustainable light sources and contemporary materials. A rediscovery that has unearthed from the brand's archives extraordinarily contemporary products, springing from the enthusiastic genius that Italian design expressed in its early days.

Revolutionary experimentation

Clan by Harvey is a project born in the climate of experimentation of what was a revolution in manufacturing processes in the 1960s. Thermoforming can create spherical shapes, with varying degrees of transparency, PVC can be blown like glass. Clan is therefore an object that unites two worlds, the formal and typological tradition and the modernity of industrial materials. iGuzzini reissues the complete family: floor lamp, suspension lamp and table lamp. For the latter, the company has taken an ironic and sustainable path beforehand: the base is an ordinary plastic tube to which a decorative cut-out has been added. The 2023 re-edition respects the original colours: white, cream, orange. Optics and materials have been renewed to make the lamp visually more comfortable and recyclable in all its parts.