Teaching children the passage of time with a beautiful and design object: Oramai is a educational clock perfect in any environment

Put into production by Danese, Oramai is a 'destructured' watch on which the digits can be positioned as desired on the dial, thanks to the magnetic force. In this way it is possible to compose a clock with 12 hours, or mark only the quarters, or even choose to keep the dial totally empty. “Normally, even if we are immersed in a digital world, analog dials are used rightly. Reflection on the passage of time is also useful for adults. I like the idea of being able to build your own watch, indicat-ing a particular time or excluding other figures...” says designer Giulio Iacchetti. The composition of the dial becomes, if necessary, an educational moment to convey to children the sense of the passage of time: at each turn of the minute hands, the hour hand will indicate the direction in which to position the relative figure. Oramai is a clock that lends itself to furnishing work spaces, offices, as well as of course domestic living spaces.

At a glance

What is it?
It’s a metal wall clock with repositionable magnetic numbers.
What its design concept?
It was thought a piece of furniture that was also an educational tool, useful at that stage in the life of children where it is necessary to teach the concept of time and transfer the idea of constant progress of the hours and minutes.
How and where is it manufactured?
It is made of folded and painted metal sheet and with numbers in silkscreened plastoferrite. It is produced in Italy.
What makes it special?
The freedom of interaction.
In the designer’s own words
The history of Danese is closely linked to the time measurement project. So are the Enzo Mari’s legendary perpetual calendars, but in a more remote past even Bruno Munari ventured into the project of an instrument between design and conceptual art: Ora X. More recently Kuno Prey, James Irvine and Ron Gilad have tried their hand at the same theme. To these beautiful design stories is added now(!) Oramai.