Nature as inspiration. It is not a slogan but a source for the creation of new design models for Swedish designer Front to go beyond critical thinking on environmental impact

Design by Nature by the Swedish duo Front (Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvist) is a research project born in collaboration with Moroso and investigates the creative force of natural systems and the animal world. Thanks to the collaboration with experts and specialists from different fields, the two designers have explored the therapeutic effects that nature exerts on people's physical and mental health and the cultural and psychological significance of unspoiled landscapes, in particular those of Sweden.

Sweden, where the photo is set, is in fact the designers' country of origin: “We scanned areas of forest and other natural contexts in 3D, exploring shapes, structures and material surfaces. Thanks to the potential of the digital loom, the fabric copies the colors, the details and even the roughness detected by the scans, ”says Anna Lindgren. Documentation work is linked to traditional techniques such as drawing or paintings combined with hi-tech technologies (thanks to the collaboration with Kvadrat, 3D Wasp and Floranth).

Part of the research work focused on the creativity shown by some animals in building their lair, from mammals such as the beaver and the bear, to single-celled organisms to observe the materials used by animals, the construction methods, the function of the structures. and how they relate to the surrounding environment.

The work of the Front is “a wonderful conceptual dislocation that never ceases to amaze me”, explains Patrizia Moroso. "They approached this work with the meticulousness typical of a naturalistic investigation, isolating presences, following traces, taking possession of existing forms that, without any transformation, have become archetypes to be reproduced in a different urban, industrial and technological dimension". At the moment this is still a research project, but a large installation is expected by the end of the year and also furniture, objects and fabrics.

Photos Andy Liffner