The corten effect of Oxydecor Rust cladding for the renovation of a farm in the Belluno Dolomites: applied to the external walls, it has transformed them into a work of great visual impact

In the setting of Ponte nelle Alpi, with a view of the Belluno Dolomites National Park, the La Giasena farm and holiday farm is known for its organic cultivation of fruit trees and for the values that animate its philosophy: passion for the mountains, respect for the land and attention to responsible tourism. Here, where the ancient Pieve di Frusseda (this is the original name of Ponte nelle Alpi) stood, water, mountains, meadows and woods are the protagonists and animate a unique panorama.

Minimal and clean lines

The building, designed in accordance with the principles of green building (quality of life, energy saving and environmental sustainability are its three cornerstones), is characterised by a design that mixes the rustic look of wood and the colours of the alpine areas, with a modern style of minimal, clean lines. The visual impact of the exterior surfaces in the reddish-brown tone of the cladding, in harmony with the chromatic and material suggestions of the wooded landscape of the Belluno foothills, guarantees a beautiful visual impact by embellishing the envelope.

Corten effect

The light nuance of the wood enveloping the external walls of the structure contrasts dramatically with the colour of the oxidised metal of Isoplam's Oxydecor Rust cladding: the finish (available in the Oxydecor decorative paint range) recreates the material effect of corten steel, giving it a strong, contemporary look. Applied on the projecting façades surrounding the panoramic breakfast and snack room, it was also used on the rear part of the farmhouse envelope with an ornamental motif reminiscent of the surrounding mountain peaks.


Indoor and outdoor

Resistant, waterproof and with strong adhesion, Oxydecor Rust can coat any pre-existing substrate, both indoors and outdoors, without the need to remove it, resulting in a continuous surface with great aesthetic impact. Thanks to its formulation, it recreates the rust effect even on materials that, due to their chemical and physical characteristics, do not undergo the oxidation process, such as wood, plastic or wall plaster.