In the months of September and October, design crossed the South with design weeks, fairs, exhibitions, meetings and awards. What energies move these territories and what are the interactions with the leader Milan?

Design week and design weekend now scattered across the four corners of the world, they are accustoming us to discovering hidden and often unknown if not inaccessible places and locations for most of the year. Their success depends not only on the quality of curatorship, coordination and communication, but also on a mix of factors which, together with the genius lociis the engine of creativity, spontaneity, relationships.

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The initiatives that took place between small and large centers of Puglia, Campania, Calabria and Sicily in a summer climate which this year was extended until the end of October, they talk about valorisation and recovery of local traditions and cultures, of the redesign of new identities, of borders and margins, of symbolic places of culture.

An intense cultural and material production that looks to the territory as a source of inspiration and knowledge, to activate new projects and reactivate productions of historic districts.

“The still unexpressed potential of these territories has become more evident - underlines Stefania Galante contact person for Agorà Design, the relationships with the Academy of Fine Arts of Lecce and ADI - and the presence ofa productive fabric, often important, which needs to be revitalized (…).

In fact, it seems to me that today there is a desire to participate in the artistic cultural ferment by bringing one's own contribution, even if geographically far from the most important design districts, with small-scale projects that work with the community and that use limits as points ofstrength”.

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Linking these evolving experiences are the new eyes of the designers who, called to describe the charm of the territories in a different way and with new impulses, testify to the creative ferment and the spontaneity of human relationships , now unattainable in the frenzy of the Milanese design week.

“Milan – confirms Stefania Galante – is not only the center of Italian design but a set of relationships and connections with the rest of the world. Necessary connections for the territories with a view to rethinking the local not as a defense of identity which turns into closure, but rather as enhancement of differences in the awareness of being connected to the rest of the world.

A hyperlocal vision necessary to look outside the traditional dichotomy between local and global". This is the case of Agorà Design, a far-sighted initiative promoted by the Salento company Sprech: "the soul of Agorà is precisely the territory in which it is born.

The speakers of the festival, the designers and architects participating in the competition, the visitors to the event, who come from all over Italy, allow it to be enriched with international knowledge, but what characterizes it is Martano itself, its community, its peculiarities and its critical points ...”, specifies Lucia Rescio, president of the Agorà Design association and general manager of Sprech.

The theme of the border and its relationship with the region of reference, together with the design and economic-cultural relations of Sicily, animates iDesign, the design week in Palermo aimed at enhancing design as an attractive element in a territory which, in an era of contrasts and hardships , is looking for a new identity.

Redesigning "new identities for places with new and contemporary scenarios where design becomes the key element of connection and communication" is also the main theme of the eighth edition of Materia Independent Design Festival of Tropea - from 27 to 30 September 2023, between Palazzo Santa Chiara, the streets of the Borgo and in the suggestive residence of Villa Paola - designed and developed by the Officine Ad Association and curated since 2019 by Antonio Aricò.

A territorial marketing operation dedicated to Calabria and the Mediterranean, but above all an opportunity to show the authenticity of a territory beyond its conventional image, with the aim of bringing innovation, culture and investment to the region.

Founded in 2019 by Emilia Petruccelli and Domitilla Dardi, the editorial and author design fair Edit Napoli - set up from 6 to 8 October at the State Archives of Naples - is inextricably linked to the Neapolitan city. With the idea of exiting the path of classic production, it carries forward a concept of slow design based on sustainability and quality, as well as on territoriality with respect to globalization.

Moving away from stereotypes and clichés, these initiatives capture, enhance and redefine - through the tool of design - artisan traditions that are still rooted, in an important work around the cultural identities linked to the territories.