The Tubes 2021 catalog expands the range of iconic projects. Thanks to technology and bold functional research

The idea of ​​evolving planning is fascinating. Because it's playful, the way good designers like it. It requires a curious, open attitude, which is seduced by new questions. Tubes embraced this strategy many years ago, when it imagined that radiator production could become a matter of design. And proving, in the last twenty-nine years, that he was really right.

New Perspectives by Tubes

The Tubes catalog bears the signature of famous designers. But above all it is a real box of wonders for those who think that design must be everywhere, especially in the most unexpected places. A radiator becomes an object that answers questions and asks new ones. A sign of beauty in the everyday scenario.

In 2021, to stay in the wake of this useful curiosity, Tubes focused on the evolution of some iconic products. The operation was called "new perspectives". A technical and typological expansion of already widely known product families, which first of all serves to keep up with the times and to respond to market expectations. Rift, Milan and Soho find new applications and, above all, adapt to a technology that simplifies their use and facilitates interactions. They explain from the company: "The latest products are part of this innovation process: bringing the electric into products born to be hydraulic or giving them a new 'perspective'. A real 'endless' journey that of Tubes products. Just think of Milan, which is born hydraulic on the wall, then becomes electric and is emptied of water to make it lighter and to be hung from the ceiling with steel rods. The lightness then gives the possibility to move it in space and thus the Plug & Play version is born, up to the latter proposal with which it was chosen to position the heating element horizontally. Milano/horizontal is another solution that can be offered by the product: it goes to relocate the radiator where it was once removed, meeting the new needs of interior design ".

Soho is a project signed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba in 2008. From a formal point of view, nothing has changed, apart from the addition of a touch control that gracefully resolves its presence and regulates ignition, shutdown and temperature. Alternatively, you can choose to use your device via bluetooth or a digital thermostat that also allows programming. Soho / electrical innovation is therefore hidden in the technological solution and in the green choices of the material: recyclable aluminum and high energy efficiency.

Another iconic product that passed from the "new perspectives" operation and which underlines the 'endless' propensity of the Tubes projects is Milan, a sinuous radiator designed by Antonia Astori and Nicola De Ponti in 2006. In the 2021 catalog, the family expands with a horizontal floor or wall version. It is the intelligent redesign of a traditional presence, the low and long radiator used under the large windows of modern and rationalist spaces. The typology is not unusual, but Milan lent itself to this version for the ability to dialogue with contemporary spaces even in the most negligible places, such as under a large window, where Milano / horizontal remains suspended a few centimeters from the ground. Also in this case the choice falls on the power supply with touch control and the possibility of connecting the radiator to a thermostat.

Rift / reverse is the latest evolution of Tubes. Ludovica + Roberto Paolomba's project, in this case together with Matteo Fiorini, dates back to 2014 and is recognizable for its modularity and compositional flexibility. The new version is the result of a reversal of perspective and direction that expands functionality and enriches the product with a new meaning. Rift / reverse is a solution that finds a precise location within the bathroom, where thanks to accessories it becomes a towel warmer shelf or an additional shelf. The wooden tray or the towel holder also modify the aesthetic perception, transforming Rift / reverse into a complement for residential use or for intimate and well-kept environments, for example a boutique hotel.