Playing with dynamism in the new lighting solution for residential and contract settings

Outdoor spaces are, with increasing frequency, experienced dynamically and at all times of day. Outdoor lighting therefore plays an increasingly central role, and it is often not easy for designers to find a pole-mounted lighting system that is both durable, elegant and customisable: DIAL, the pole-mounted system designed by Alessandro Zambelli for Stral, fits into the most diverse projects according to requirements and allows for a high degree of customisation.

Family feeling at the design stage

The pole has a variable height from 1 to 4.5 metres: when the height is selected, it is possible to choose the stainless steel finish, natural or painted RAL 9004, the two recommended finishes. The ground connection can be selected according to the project, either flange or ground anchoring. With the pole heads, the design begins. DIAL can be fitted with three pole head versions designed for different applications. The family feeling in the design phase is facilitated thanks to the recall of geometries and shapes of the elements with each other. The wall lights are also found as shapes in the garden posts and spotlights, creating visual coherence.

Three variants in three sizes

The available pole heads are: DIJK (fixed version), DIJK FLEX (version with articulated bracket to be able to direct the light on details), DIJK ROTO (with joint for 360° rotation on one axis). All available in three sizes, with different optics and colour temperatures. The heads can be positioned on all four sides of the pole and at the desired height, indicating this at the design stage to the company for drilling.

Resistant and durable

Thanks to the material it is made of (AISI 316L stainless steel), the DIAL system can be installed in any context, even in extreme climatic conditions: seafront contexts where the saltiness quickly attacks the surfaces and makes the luminaires dirty, immediately giving the idea of a neglected environment; in mountain areas with cold temperatures, the presence of ice and the spreading of antifreeze salts; in spas and thermal areas in the presence of vapours and sulphur.

Who is DIAL suitable for?

The system is aimed at those who need to illuminate several situations at the same time with a single product: in private residential settings to give people more comfort and well-being by lighting walkways, but also conversation and recreation areas. It proves to be an excellent solution in public lighting or as an urban furnishing accessory.

A dedicated configurator

DIAL is a smart and versatile system, so much so that Stral has come up with a quick and easy way to respond to designers' requests. On the company website, in the DIAL poles section, a dedicated configurator is available to allow the designer to create his own system independently. In just a few steps it is possible to set all the parameters and send the project to the company to request information and a quotation.