On the cusp of coming of age, the Lago icon confirms itself as a best seller chosen by over a hundred thousand people worldwide

That a bed could float in the air, resting on a single leg and almost becoming a shelf with a mattress lying on top, was a truth that, in 2004, seemed unthinkable. Then came LAGO, proving that an injection of radicalism, in design, can take you far and successfully.

In the name of innovation

Fluttua, the suspended bed born in 2004, has come of age. Since then, it has continued to float in the bedroom for over a hundred thousand people, testifying to the beauty and quality of a design that, in the name of innovation, manages to transcend fashions.

Ode to Lightness

But what, in practice, is Fluttua? A visionary project, born as a challenge to the force of gravity and from the desire to give shape to the emotion of sleeping floating on air. So, a hymn to lightness, with a concept that has remained unchanged over the years and has become a company best seller. Designed by Daniele Lago, managing director and head of design of the company of the same name, Fluttua rests on a single leg. The absence of a bed-ring makes it an extremely light and essential product: by eliminating all superfluous elements, Fluttua frees up space in the bedroom and makes it as easy as possible to clean and sanitise the room. The single central support, adjustable in height at the time of installation, holds a frame with an innovative and visually imperceptible mesh. The bed, attached to the wall by means of a specially designed fastening, guarantees the highest level of safety for the sleeper, giving shape to the sensation of dreaming suspended.

Architectural solutions

Over the past eighteen years, bed style and composition have seen new proposals for materials and finishes to suit every need and preference. From fabric with rich padding and fine workmanship to Wildwood headboards: elegant and architectural solutions, ideal for combining the essential lines of the bed with comfort-oriented material sensations. The headboards, in wood or fabric, can be complemented with shelves and bedside tables in the LAGO colour and finish range.