The new kitchen design created by the two brands is a versatile system that offers maximum customisation possibilities

Welcoming, inclusiveness, sociality: attitudes that lead to valuing differences, making uniqueness an asset and an innovative stimulus. Inclusiveness, in particular, is a way of thinking, designing, creating, remodelling relationships, services, objects, functions. Diesel Get Together, the result of the collaboration between Scavolini and Diesel Living, is the spokesperson for a message of inclusiveness in which the kitchen is born as a place of sociality and welcome.

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The concept, which represents the evolution of the Diesel Social Kitchen collection, works on blocks of colour and materials that hybridise the kitchen space with the living area, giving fluidity to the rooms and offering an experience of conviviality and comfort to everyday living.

Versatile and customisable

A kitchen designed as a versatile and customisable system, interpreting a contemporary style thanks to new nuances and textures. To enrich the offer, Scavolini also proposes three new types of handles (one recessed and two bridge handles in Titanium finish), industrial-inspired details (metal elements and screws that enhance the design) and new worktops that allow infinite combinations of materials.

Extreme modularity

A design defined both by the modularity of the individual elements and by the possibility of freely combining separate modules. An example of this is the Misfit collection: free-standing elements that fit into the overall design (trolleys, tables, sideboards), also a leitmotif of bathroom compositions. A Scavolini/Diesel Living concept that becomes an invitation to mix the different components and create your own furnishing system without constraints.

A contemporary project

Like all Scavolini kitchen models, Diesel Get Together is offered in numerous configurations that combine materials and nuances (for doors, worktops, profiles and glass) to give shape to a project with a strong contemporary connotation.

Internationalisation of the brand

Scavolini's kitchen collection with Diesel Living continues the brand's internationalisation process with the aim of communicating its values to an increasingly wide audience. The link between design and fashion represents the best expression of Made in Italy, a value on which Scavolini has always built its success.