Marble, metal, concrete, PVC, fabric rethought to give new ceramic surfaces

Irreverent, original, unconventional: Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica returns to amaze by rewriting the rules of the traditional and the usual. Ceramic becomes the material of choice for experimenting with a multiform aesthetic contaminated with codes and cultural references from fashion, art and design.

A vortex of elements

The result is a signature look that identifies the stylistic signature of Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica in which marble, metal, cement, PVC and fabric are rethought to create captivating and enigmatic ceramic surfaces. Each design stimulates the eye and the mind with a swirl of different, sometimes opposing elements that enhance each other.

Seven new collections

The innovation and creativity of Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica has given rise to seven new collections: the porcelain stoneware proposals Hoily Marble, Welding Rivets and Aged Concrete and the semi-gres Melt, Stripes, Wrinkle Foil and Vynil wall tiles.

Oil and asphalt, and irregular ribbing

Hoily Marble, a play on words combining the sacred and the profane, reflects the provocative character of Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica. A rough material such as asphalt in contact with oil is transformed into a surface that evokes marble, proposed in a recognisable but not literal way. Cuts and cracks are glimpses of past lives, traces left by time and signs of wear. The surface takes on a new life along the fracture lines, and irregular, unrepeatable ribbing emerges from the welding of the parts. Welding Rivets takes industrial elements and characterises them with retro details.

Rough concrete and soft ripples

Aged Concrete is a tribute to exposed raw concrete, beton brut, to its rough appearance. A new light rests on its skin and floods it with glamorous touches, reformulating its perception. The nuances of oxidation and trowelling become velvety over the cold haloes of the cement material. Melt is, for Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica, a metaphor for matter that transforms, that changes state and becomes something else. The transition from solid to liquid gives rise to soft ripples that seemingly stand still, flow and escape. It is pure energy that moves and generates a plastic, dynamic surface that changes according to the point of observation.

Metropolitan scenes and sinuous reliefs

Stripes depicts the exuberance, the lively character and the richness of stimuli of metropolitan scenarios. Lights chasing shadows, alternating full and empty volumes, intertwining streets and lives: a heterogeneous and fascinating ecosystem. Sinuous, sculptural-looking reliefs furrow the surface, shaping the walls with romantic chiaroscuro effects that attract the eye. Dedicated by Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica to those who love strong contrasts and daring combinations, Wrinkle Foil declines the theme of wall coverings inspired by laminated sheets.

Imagination and fantasy

It allows a glimpse of what it conceals and makes the eye linger on the silhouettes that emerge, inducing imagination and fantasy. For Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica, Vynil is material that seems to transform itself every moment, interweaving dynamic and static dimensions, optical and tactile sensations to create a pleasing and enigmatic mixture of plastic forms and brilliant, lacquered colour shades.