Playful, practical and optical, the Dotto collection, designed by Paola Navone - Studio Otto for 2.8 design for dogs, is made up of a series of objects and accessories designed for dogs. And for their masters

The capsule collection dedicated to dogs - and their beloved masters - Dotto is born from a special meeting, the one between the unconventional way of thinking about design by Paola Navone - Studio Otto and the artisan creativity of 2.8 designs for dogs.

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The accurate craftsmanship that characterizes the objects and accessories 2.8, Paola Navone and Otto Studio have given the graphic, playful and pop touch of a macro-polka dot print - strictly in black/white - which appear to be stamped one by one.

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Printed on a natural cotton fabric and washable paper, the polka dots cover with their organic and imperfect shape kennels, poufs, bags, bowls and bag holders

If 2.8 design for dogs is a made in Italy company that creates accessories and objects in which elegance and practicality, craftsmanship and sustainability come together, meeting the needs of every dog and enhancing the style of its owner and the environments in which they are inserted, Paola Navone is a special designer, whose material, chromatic and formal research is characterized by an inexhaustible curiosity. Founder of Studio Otto, she is outspoken, dreamer, ironic and eclectic. In the in his soul coexist the flavors and colors of the South of the world - frequented, known, loved - mixed with the style of the West, one rich in tradition, open, always on the move.

From this union comes Dotto, a customized capsule collection by Studio Otto consisting of dog cushions, carrier bags, towels, bowls and placemats, tambourine-bags and clutches hygienic bags holder, but also travel mats foldable that act as portable kennels . All made with high quality fabrics and materials, natural or waxed, all performing, but above all resistant.