Hearts, lips and animal prints for cushions, linens, plates and tote bags in vitamin colors. The Donald Robertson x Westwing Collection gives an immediate charge of energy and good humor to the home

Colorful and fun, bold and vitamin, the new collaboration of Westwing with the Canadian artist and illustrator Donald Robertson is available in pillows, linen, a tote bag and a set of breakfast plates to bring a pop and positive, lively and vibrant spirit to homes, summer and otherwise. The limited edition collection is available from 30 June 2022 exclusively on Westwing.it and Westwingnow.it.

A charge of good humor

Interior design dresses up in contemporary art, in a shared project (even in enthusiasm) that gives life to a dynamic capsule. Hearts, lips and animal prints animate the patterns of the collection of fabrics and accessories, making it an immediate charge of energy and good humor.

Brushes and tape

“Art for me is a way of life”, says Donald Robertson, who drew the reasons for this collaboration directly in his studio in Dallas in Texas, where he loves working with tape and brushes.

Interior design and pop art

The capsule becomes a charge of energy for the interior, where each piece bears the mark of contemporary pop art. “Bright colors are hugely trendy right now and the Donald Robertson x Westwing Collection is the perfect way to incorporate them into your home,” explains Alexandra Tobler , Creative Director of the Westwing Collection.

“I'm an artist: I have a huge ego”

I am an artist and, like most artists, I have a huge ego. So I am very happy that my art will not only hang on the walls, but will also be present on cushions, plates and bed sets” says, with extreme sincerity, Donald Robertson.

Never take things too seriously

Our collaboration with Donald Robertson is the emblem of not taking things too seriously, even in design. His art is bold, colorful, fun and we wanted to translate these sensations into the fabrics and dishes he designed for usconcludes Alexandra Tobler.