With over a hundred years of history intertwined with the mountains of South Tyrol, DaunenStep celebrates 50 years on the Renon plateau with the limited edition D700 down jacket

In the splendid scenery of the Renon plateau, above Bolzano , DaunenStep has been producing duvets, pillows, quilts and bed accessories since 1970. But history - and mastery - is over a hundred years old and has its roots in Bolzano in 1907.


Strongly linked to the surrounding area, it is from Alto Adige and the skill of its craftsmen that DaunenStep has inherited its manufacturing qualities and values which distinguish it, first of all the respect for nature and for the ' authentic production tradition combined with contemporary innovations. The highest standards of quality, purity and traceability of raw materials allow us to offer guaranteed - products - that keep their value over time intact.

The anniversary on the Renon

In 1970, DaunenStep, from a point of reference in Bolzano for duvets and bed accessories, moved the production to the enchanting plateau of Renon. To celebrate the 50 years of this event that has marked its history, DaunenStep has decided to reward its customers, who are now over a million, with the creation of the limited edition line of D700 Renon duvets.

Thanks to the 100% down padding contained in a fabric in 100% super soft cotton satin , D700 best represents the ' very high level of quality achieved by the company in these 50 years on the Renon. Natural, breathable and hypoallergenic, the duvet owes its lightness soft and impalpable to the down flakes of proven origin, enclosed in a refined Baptist fabric.

Over a hundred years of history is intertwined with the mountains

The adventure begins with Marius Eccel, who founded his artisan workshop in Bolzano in 1907 . To date, there are four generations of the Eccel family that have handed down passion, research and love for quality, always respecting the environment.

The move of the company headquarters to a mountain area in 1970 was due to a series of circumstances, but the culture of down stands out. For centuries, in fact, in the Alpine arc the wise tradition of feather processing has been handed down. Over the years, from the Alps, DaunenStep duvets have spread throughout the national territory, becoming part of everyone's daily life. Today the company philosophy, which sees tradition and technology wisely combined, projects the aspirations of the Eccel family, led by Marius, towards the future.

The limited edition

Available in limited edition, the D700 Renon duvet embodies all the best manufacturing features of a company that in 50 years of permanence in Renon has reached a very high level of quality - very high (and majestic) like the mountains that surround it - ranging from the choice of raw material (virgin feather, natural wool, pure cotton) to strictly hand-made processing, from the sartorial process of packaging the products up to their guarantee.

The D700 Renon duvet is available in four versions, developed to address different environmental conditions and needs. They range from the Trio 4seasons which allows three different combinations, suitable for any climate, to the Cold Winter, particularly suitable for the coldest temperatures. The range is completed by Classic Winter , for a temperate climate, and Mid Season ideal for milder temperatures.

The culture of good sleep

Sleeping well has its rules and in DaunenStep they know them good: for more than 100 years they have offered the maximum comfort possible, enveloping and soft like only a duvet.

Resting well determines the quality of life. It is well known that sleep is restorative and regenerating . Beyond the implications 'chemical' related to sleep (it favors the decrease of cortisol, considered the stress hormone, the production of insulin and helps the production of leptin, the hormone that blocks the stimulus of hunger), its good quality is beneficial for the body and mind: it contributes to disease prevention and promotes a healthy and balanced life.

The Wasm - World Association of Sleep Medicine , an authority on the subject, suggests ten tips to help you sleep well. Among these, the choice of a mattress suitable to support the spine, a pillow that is neither too rigid nor too soft, and that of non-synthetic sheets and duvets that make the skin transpire stand out.

In the field of duvets and pillows , DaunenStep offers natural products. All duvets have a high ability to absorb moisture and eliminate it quickly. In fact, the duvet carries out the action of collecting and storing the heat released by the body during the night, protecting it from the cold and offering a pleasant and constant temperature during sleep. The cushions, on the other hand, adapt to various resting needs and optimize their effect.

What is argali

DaunenStep also stands out for the continuous research of new techniques and materials, always natural and performing. Like the wool of argali, a large wild sheep (it can reach 100 kg in weight), originally from the Himalayas in Tibet, also known as "Marco Polo sheep". To differentiate the argali fleece is extremely soft and able to retain heat.

Piumini e cuscini

Con la lana d’argali DaunenStep ha realizzato un piumino dalla morbidezza effetto cashmere, dotato di ottime proprietà isolanti. Il piumino in argali è proposto sia nella versione Classic Winter sia Mid-season. In argali viene realizzato anche un cuscino che garantisce un’eccellente regolazione dell’umidità e dona un sostegno medio per la cervicale. Una speciale trapuntatura esterna lo rende confortevole e morbido al tatto.

The duvet also in summer

To correctly choose the type of duvet that best suits your needs, it is also important to evaluate the degree of warmth guaranteed by the various products. The Mid-season , for example, is the most suitable for the autumn period, but not only: in the mountains and in accommodation facilities where the air conditioning is on all year round they are also perfect for summer. DaunenStep offers a wide range of duvets with different degrees of warmth, padding and packaging, to satisfy even the most demanding requests. specifications.

Curiosity: the eider's bow for the finest duvet

To sleep cradled in maximum comfort (and luxury), the excellence are the quilted duvets with Eiderdown bow, a wild duck that lives on the cliffs of the sea of Iceland. The eiderdown, a protected species since 1849, does not come from farms, it is exclusively of wild origin. The quantity collected therefore varies from year to year: only a few hundred quilts stuffed with pure eider-duck flock reach the market, making them particularly valuable and precious.

The Eiderdown flakes, of a brown color streaked with white, are particularly soft . The feature that makes them unique is that they have a very strong cohesion between them (to resist the winds that sweep the Arctic cliffs) which creates a sort of compact natural blanket. This makes the eider down jacket light, soft and warm in an incomparable way. To make its eiderdown duvets DaunenStep uses the best upholstery in the purest batiste fabric in extra soft cotton.


Cover photo: Piumino Classic Winter DaunenStep.