Designing products that put wellness at the centre is the company's mission

Woody biomass heating systems help to reduce polluting emissions into the atmosphere, thanks to technological advances and the increased efficiency of new-generation appliances. Stoves, fireplaces and boilers fuelled by biomass now represent the main source of renewable energy, used in residential heating by more than a quarter of Italian households.

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Within the framework of the programme agreements with the regions on air quality, contribution lines that can be cumulated with the incentives of the 'Conto Termico' have been activated for the installation and efficiency of latest-generation biomass devices. In addition, the National Air Pollution Control Programme envisages an investment of 2 billion euro until 2030 for various measures, including the replacement of biomass heating systems in homes. Edilkamin has been designing and manufacturing safe, robust, innovative and durable fireplaces and stoves that put people's well-being at the centre for over 60 years.

Technology and innovation for wellbeing

"Sixty years ago Francesco Borsatti founded Edilkamin on the basis of a dream: to bring back to life disused fireplaces and the very function of the fireplace as a hearth, the centre of the home and a symbol of well-being in being together," explains Giorgio Fortini, CEO of Edilkamin. "Today our mission is the same: to offer products that put well-being at the centre."

Environmental well-being

For Edilkamin, environmental well-being passes through the integration of technologies that guarantee a more conscious and controlled energy consumption, lower emissions and longer product life. The brand's wood-burning stoves guarantee a dust emission of -80% compared to European Ecodesign and French Flamme Verte requirements and -68% compared to Italian 5-star requirements.

The well-being of people in domestic spaces

The AirKare system improves air quality all year round, even when the stove is switched off. Designed for pellet stoves and heating stoves, AirKare, through the combined action of ionisation and ozonation, reduces viruses, bacteria, fungi, germs, microbes, and drives away small insects; it breaks down airborne particles such as dust, pollen, and smoke. For more constant and controlled heat, the new self-cleaning ashKontrol2 crucible is added to the combustion air (Leonardo System) and pellet quantity (Fire Control) control systems: three coordinated functions in DCS (Dynamic Combustion System) technology.

Simplicity and intuitiveness in use

"We live in a world where too much technology can be discouraging. Products must be intuitive for everyone. The real power of technology lies in simplicity: products that are easy to understand and use,' Fortini continues. An increasingly intuitive product interface is accompanied by digital tools to support it: The Mind System connects the pellet stove to the wi-fi network and allows you to manage the heating, air or water, via Mind Remote, The Mind App or display, adjusting the main Edilkamin functions.

Listening to customer needs

"It is our priority to implement an even more capillary and efficient customer care service. We believe that listening to our customers is a strategic asset on which we wish to focus in order to offer an increasingly satisfactory and close service,' concludes the CEO.

Freestanding with reversible door

Among Edilkamin's novelties, Bench 65 freestanding wood stove/fireplace with reversible door, is modular with two bench modules of 90 or 120 cm. With its essential and rigorous lines, it is suitable for contemporary environments and can also be used as a scenic backdrop to separate two rooms. It enriches the proposal consisting of Bench 54.

Sober and rational

Firebox Evo 60 / 65 is the Edilkamin wood insert for those seeking natural warmth and a cosy ambience. Characterised by understated elegance, it is the solution for replacing old fireplaces or creating a new source of heat in living areas. Available in Natural or Ventilated version with integrated centrifugal fan and electronic touch control unit. It enriches the Firebox Evo 54 proposal.