Extreme attention to detail and innovative features recreate balance between modern style and high performance

Induction and suction are combined in NikolaTesla Switch Glow (design Fabrizio Crisà for Elica): the cooktop conceals a powerful air extraction system, the linear surface guarantees freedom of movement with pots and pans, while retaining the minimal aesthetics and the advantage of easy cleaning of traditional induction cooktops. Simply rotate the innovative flap to activate its suction, which releases its full power for total air control. The central element allows 360-degree rotation with dual aesthetic finish, glass on one side and black painted aluminum on the other for a textured effect. The total black surface blends with the white lighting of the controls, evoking pure style.

Simple and intuitive

The control interface is intuitive and easy to use thanks to 5 sliding touches, one for each of the 4 cooking zones and one for suction. Each zone is very easy to monitor thanks to the white Led indicators, which enhance the product by showing the power level set. When cooking is finished, the absence of screen printing gives complete linearity to the black glass top.

Rich in functions

NikolaTesla Switch Glow is packed with features: these include Warming Mode ideal both for slow-cooking recipes and for keeping food warm while other preparations are in progress, and the Cooking timer, thanks to which you can set the exact cooking time while letting the hob automatically turn off. Independent timers can be set on more than one zone at the same time. In case of accidental shutdown, the Recall function allows you to recover all previously selected power levels and timers within seconds.

Uniformity of cooking

The dual Bridge zone allows two adjacent zones to work in a combined manner so that food cooking uniformity is not sacrificed even when using large pots and pans. NikolaTesla Switch Glow is equipped with technologies that also have energy conservation at heart: Power Limitation, allows you to set the threshold of maximum power absorbed by the product during installation, for safe and uninterrupted cooking.

The air quality sensor

NikolaTesla Switch Glow is also an ally in the removal of cooking odors and vapors, in both suction and filter versions. The vacuum system located in the center of the top captures all cooking fumes before they rise to the top. Thanks to the air quality sensor, the Airmatic function detects the quantity and quality of vapors and odors by automatically adjusting the suction power and gradually decreasing it to remove residual odors at the end of cooking.

Quick and easy to clean

Cleaning is quick and easy thanks to the linear, flush-top surface. In addition, if liquid should accidentally fall into the suction nozzle, a special internal valve allows it to drain, ensuring maximum hygiene for your kitchen. In the filter version, maintenance of Long Life Filters ++ is guaranteed by the fact that they can be removed from the top very easily.