Opening and closing: with the Double Indoor system the aim is to create continuity between the different rooms in the house

It is often the details that make the difference between an ordinary product or project and one where creativity is at the service of good design and functionality. And with details it is possible to make revolutions (small or large) that can optimise the performance of an object or, on a larger scale, of an architecture. This is the case with Sign, the new Ernestomeda kitchen model designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, inspired by a revolutionary way of designing the kitchen area and created with the aim of giving continuity to the different rooms in the home, maintaining harmony between spaces. Among the various components of Sign, which are characterised by the search for openness of the various elements towards the outside, there are also storage elements that seek this continuity, both in functional and aesthetic terms.

In dialogue with the living area

An example of this is the Double Indoor system: push-pull opening doors with a side-hinged recessed movement that allows the kitchen work area to be concealed, becoming a furnishing accessory. The structure is available in different materials and finishes, for a design in harmony with the other areas of the house. Among the applications of Double Indoor is that of "covering" real Sign compositions, in a compact version. Available in the variant with wall-hung base units, the Sign composition that reveals itself when the doors are opened shows the model's unique features, such as the absence of closed wall units and the presence of display cabinets and open wall panels, creating a new living space with a light soul, capable of dialoguing with the living area.

Combining materials, finishes and elements

Among the many combinations of materials, finishes and elements available, the composition of Sign enclosed by the Double Indoor system can be characterised by doors and wall-hung base units in Fenix Grigio Etna with top and splashback in satin-finish steel and chopping board in Canyon Walnut stained Bamboo. The composition is completed by an equipped boiserie with Set panelling in Hi-Melamine Canyon Walnut Canneté and Stay open shelves in Hi-Melamine Canyon Walnut.