Scrigno anticipates the 2022 trends of interior design, in which the layouts of homes evolve with a view to flexibility and fluidity of spaces. At the center is the Essential collection

The lockdown changed the habits of everyday life, bringing out new housing trends. The rooms are transformed into versatile and multifunctional rooms in which Scrigno sliding systems, mainly used in projects where it is not possible to opt for a swing door, allow you to combine or divide contiguous spaces in the name of lightness. “The use of smart working, a legacy of the pandemic, will continue in the course of 2022 in most European countries. A real revolution in which Scrigno solutions, thanks to their high aesthetic value, acoustic comfort and functionality, enhance an interior design dedicated to indoor well-being, to the advantage of a new balance between private life and work ", explains Francesco Bigoni, CMO of Scrigno.

Furnishing accessory

The door becomes a piece of furniture in which transparency and brightness allow the management of spaces and passing light, even in environments characterized by large openings. Furthermore, in terms of interior solutions, the retractable sliding doors summarize the need for a functional organization: the flush-to-wall Essential collection, without jambs and architraves, harmonizes the aesthetics between door and wall in which it camouflages and the infinite possibilities of customization in colors and sizes. "Among the six doors present on average inside an apartment, at least two are sliding solutions: in this sense Scrigno focuses on the maximum expressive freedom of architects and interior designers by proposing numerous finishes for Essential, already available in the catalog. Lacquered, laminated, covered with wallpaper or with customized panels, made of sophisticated materials such as micromarms ”, continues Bigoni.

Full-height versatility

The Essential Battente Senza Traverso full-height doors are scenographic furnishing solutions, with which to create opening and closing games in the living area or a "see-through" effect in hallways and corridors or in walk-in closets. This collection, not being transversally interrupted in any way, gives a long-limbed effect, to be enhanced also from a decorative point of view with special coverings and wallpaper. Its main feature is discretion, which becomes a continuous source of inspiration to be customized with designs that recall the plant world (flowers, leaves, plants), geometric patterns up to three-dimensional effects.

Transparency games

Lightening the visual impact in space is the must have of 2022 to which Scrigno responds with the offer of new finishes for the Acqua and Eletta glass doors. Acqua, available for Essential and Base, renews the look by integrating the variants already available for Essential Vetro Mirr and four other patterns: Pixel, Rigo, Lino Bianco and Lino Caffè, for an assortment of fifty finishes. Also Eletta, a glass swing door, is dressed in new colors, adding to its range the variants of Mirr and the four new finishes foreseen for Acqua. Finally, Trial is the innovative solution designed to contain three sliding glass doors connected to each other by a drag system within a single retractable box. "Continuous investments and constant commitment to the study and design of solutions allow us to be at the forefront with innovations that we will launch in the course of 2022" concludes Francesco Bigoni.