For 2024, the company suggests new ways to connect with nature and the landscape, through an unprecedented outdoor experience ranging from smartcooking to fitness

The huts on the beaches of Comporta with their thatched walls and fine white sand floor are the ideal setting for the Ethimo 2024 catalogue, inspired by the beauty and culture of Portugal. A journey through fascinating atmospheres, traditions and extraordinary architecture. A visual and conceptual narrative that is the ideal frame for the new Outdoor Extras section, dedicated to innovative projects that go beyond the traditional conception of outdoor furniture, bringing into the open air a series of activities that usually take place indoors. Open air time according to Ethimo becomes an opportunity to experience different ways of enjoying nature and the landscape.

Cosmo: a beautiful open-air idea...

Among the Outdoor Extras novelties is Cosmo, a pergola that transforms the landscape into a living space, creating shade and shelter. The structure, born from the collaboration with AMDL Circle, is an architecture of imposing dimensions that tangibly expresses the possibility of living outdoors in close relationship with nature. Cosmo narrates a "beautiful" idea of the open air, where design and nature meet in a harmonious way for the comfort of people.

... lit by LEDs for the night

The structure rises on sturdy columns of brushed teak, an organic material ideal for outdoor spaces. The roof opens onto cast aluminium 'branches' that extend outwards, supporting the fabric shade cloth. For the night hours, there is LED lighting that creates a pleasant play of reflections and an intimate, relaxing atmosphere.

With Phil a kitchen en plein air...

Phil is Ethimo's first outdoor kitchen project, conceived in collaboration with Gordon Guillaumier. The design develops on cylindrical shapes in a nomadic configuration that proposes a concept for smartcooking. Cooking in a small space, rationalising functions and gestures, led Gordon Guillaumier to think about the construction choices of Phil, an intelligent and organised outdoor space for conviviality en plein air.

... to be freely composed

A single cylindrical metal base, Olive Green or Sepia Black, with teak details is the modular element of the different configurations. The circular islands accommodate a sink, an induction hob and a barbecue, to be freely composed.

Out-Fit for outdoor fitness

Out-Fit is an outdoor gym created in collaboration with Studio Adolini. A spectacular scenographic element designed to promote an active, open-air lifestyle thanks to a structure with no mechanical stations, made entirely of teak and metal in a rust finish. Out-Fit contains the equipment for free-body exercises with a reference to the gyms of yesteryear with the punching bag and the classic leather bench with outdoor finishing, the wooden gymnastic rings, the elastic band and the mat.

A contemporary nest: Hut

The collection is completed by the iconic Hut, a contemporary nest designed by Marco Lavit. A suspended object that offers an immersive experience in the landscape, combining design and architecture to create a shareable, intimate, protected and extraordinarily comfortable space.

Connected with nature always

Ethimo in 2024 transforms the open-air experience, bringing the visual aspects, activities and interactions typically associated with indoor spaces outdoors. And it invites you to explore new opportunities to reconnect with nature, whatever the season or time of day.