For the New Year, the brand from the Marche region of Italy offers only the best. For beautiful, high-performance and super technological products

"2022 has been a good year for the brand and we are confident that 2023 will be as well," commented Stefano Benvenuti, Italy sales director of Franke Home Solutions. "In recent years, the dynamics of domestic life have changed and finding ourselves within the walls of the home much more often has meant, for us, the need to adapt to change. This is what shapes us as a brand, but above all as people: always wanting the best. Setting ourselves goals for the future helps us to continue on the right foot, moving towards a more competitive tomorrow, where we are sure we will remain leaders in the industry".

Getting smarter

What does it mean to be smart? If it means having everything under control, with the Air Treatment range, you can also control air quality. All hoods in this Faber range are equipped with an Air Quality Sensor that monitors air quality and activates suction in the presence of allergen pollutants and odours. Thanks to the app connected to the Faber Cloud, it is possible to check the quality of domestic air at any time, even remotely. Among the hoods covered by this technology is the K-Air with integrated 21-inch monitor, which can be managed via touch screen or app. Integrated with Amazon Alexa for switching on and off, it has dimmable LED lighting, with the possibility of changing the white density of the light from cold to warm.

Don't have a stink in your nose

There is nothing more annoying than bad odours in the home. With its High Filtering Hood technology, the brand offers better performing hoods for odour-free air purification, using two ultra-flitrating panels with different porosity and activated charcoal concentration for effective, targeted action on both larger and smaller particles. And what's more, silently. Several hood models feature this technology. Among them is Stilo Comfort, a stylish, high-performance t-shape hood. Available in sizes 60, 90 and 120 cm, in stainless steel, matt black and matt white, it features electronic controls and dual LED lighting.

Aesthetics and creativity

Soft Line is a range of hoods made using Fenix®, a hi-tech material with a velvety, non-porous, matt and anti-fingerprint surface. Being non-porous, it makes daily maintenance and cleaning easier and faster. The most representative hood is Soft Cube, a chandelier solution with decisive, geometric lines. Upholstered in hi-tech Fenix® silk-effect material, it integrates into the most modern and exclusive environments. Available in London Grey, Kos White or Ingo Black finishes, it features electronic controls and two-light LED lighting.